Vehicle Identification Number Inspection

man with clipboard inspecting engine compartment

Kansas law requires the Kansas Highway Patrol to inspect vehicles that were previously titled in another state to verify the identification number or VIN number on the vehicle is genuine and agrees with the VIN on the out-of-state title.

The inspection is required prior to the new vehicle owner applying for an original Kansas title.

Kansas Highway Patrol VIN Inspections Soon to Be by Appointment

Customers in Kansas who need a VIN inspection will soon be able to schedule an appointment online through a program similar to what is used by the Kansas Department of Revenue and various County Treasurer offices in Kansas. Learn more.

When do I need a VIN inspection?

Vehicles recently purchased on a title from a state other than Kansas and vehicles transferred from another state must have a VIN inspection complete prior to titling and registering the vehicle in Kansas.   

Vehicles that have been assembled or are homemade, are also required to be inspected. The inspection may require additional documentation regarding the history of the various parts used in the assembly and/or repair of the vehicle. 

For more information, location times or additional inspection locations visit Kansas Highway Patrol Motor Vehicle Enforcement

What is required for the VIN inspection?

The following items must be presented to Kansas Highway Patrol to complete the inspection: 

  • Vehicle  
  • Title and supporting documents (salvage, owner retain salvage, assembled vehicles) 
  • Valid Driver’s License for person presenting vehicle for inspection 

If the vehicle is not currently registered, visit our License Plates and Permits page to find out how to get a 1-Day Permit.

Once the VIN inspection is complete, you will need to title and register the vehicle. For more information, visit


How do I arrange a VIN inspection?

Vehicle Inspection Locations and Phone Numbers: 

Kansas City Office - 913-789-8857 
3101 S. 24th Street, Kansas City, KS 66106 

Olathe Office - 913-780-6058 
395 E. Dennis, Olathe, KS 66061
No salvages/rebuilt at this location.


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