Motor Vehicle Fees and Payment Options

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Look up fees to title and register vehicles. 

How much is sales tax on a vehicle?

You may pay a sales tax the first time you register a new or used vehicle if purchased from an individual or an out of state dealer.

To calculate sales tax, visit Kansas Department of Revenue Sales Tax Calculator.

How much is personal property tax on a vehicle?

Vehicle property tax is due annually. You will pay property tax when you initially register a vehicle and each year when you renew your vehicle registration.

Use the Kansas Department of Revenue Vehicle Property Tax Calculator  to estimate vehicle property tax by make/model/year, VIN or RV weight/year, for a partial or full registration year.

How much does it cost to register a vehicle?

You will pay registration fees when you initially register a vehicle, and each year when you renew your vehicle registration.

Expand vehicle classifications below to see registration fees by weight or vehicle type.


Weight Fee
Under 4500 lbs $ 30.00
Over   4500 lbs $ 40.00


Electric & Hybrid Vehicles

Type Fee
Electric vehicles $ 100.00
Electric-hybrid & Plug-in hybrid vehicles $ 50.00


Regular trucks

Gross Weight To     Fee
12M $     40.00
16M $   202.00
20M $   232.00
24M $   297.00
26M $   412.00
30M $   412.00
36M $   475.00
42M $   575.00
48M $   705.00
54M $   905.00
60M $ 1145.00
66M $ 1345.00
74M $ 1670.00
80M $ 1870.00
85.5M $ 2070.00

Local, 6000 mile, Custom Harvest Trucks

Gross Weight To     Fee
16M $   162.00
20M $   202.00
24M $   232.00
26M $   277.00
30M $   277.00
36M $   315.00
42M $   345.00
48M $   415.00
54M $   515.00
60M $   615.00
66M $   715.00
74M $   895.00
80M $ 1025.00
85.5M $ 1145.00

Farm Trucks

Gross Weight To     Fee
   16M $   57.00
   20M $ 142.00
   24M $ 152.00
   26M $ 172.00
   36M $ 172.00
   54M $ 175.00
   60M $ 325.00
   66M $ 505.00
> 66M $ 745.00


Gross Weight To     Fee
     8M $ 35.00
   12M $ 45.00
> 12M $ 55.00


Motorcycles & Motor Bikes

Type   Fee
Motorcycles  $ 35.00
Motor Bikes  $ 11.00


Antique & Special Interest

Type   Fee
Antique $ 40.00
Special Interest $ 26.00


Additional Fees Paid at Registration

Description  Fee
Highway Patrol and Training Surcharge $ 2.00
Law Enforcement Training Center Surcharge  $ 1.25
DMV Modernization Surcharge $ 4.00
County Service Fee  $ 5.00


Additional Services

Other Service Fees, if Applicable

Service   Fee
County Facility Fee $   5.00
Title Fee  $ 10.00
Lienholder Fee  $   1.50
Reflectorized Plate Fee  $     .50


Highway Patrol VIN Inspection Fees

Inspection Type    Fee
VIN Inspection Fee $ 20.00
Rebuilt Salvage Inspection $ 25.00

For more information, visit our Vehicle Inspection page.

Specialized Plate Fees

Additional information on specialized plates can be found at Kansas Department of Revenue Division of Vehicles - Kansas Distinctive License Plates

If a plate requires an application form, click on the plate type below to access the required form. 

Type      Fee
Antique, Personalized   $ 45.50
Amateur Radio  Standard Fee + $   1.00
Special Interest    $ 20.00
Personalized    $ 45.50

Payment Options

Pay by Credit / Debit Card or E-check

You may use Visa, Mastercard or Discover credit/debit card to pay online, at the kiosk, or in person at either the Olathe or Mission office. American Express Cards are accepted in person only. 

  • To view current credit/debit card and e-check convenience fees for online payments, please go to Online Registration Renewal
  • When paying in person at the counter at either the Olathe or Mission location, the credit card convenience fee is 2.4% of the total transaction amount, subject to change.
  • When paying in person at the kiosk at either the Olathe or Mission location, the credit card convenience fee is 2.4% of the total transaction amount, subject to change. 

Pay by Check, Money Order or Cashier’s Check

You may use a check, money order or cashier’s check to pay by mail or in person.  

  • Make checks payable to Johnson County Treasurer
  • Mail checks to Johnson County Treasurer at the Motor Vehicle Mailing Address
  • You may write one check to pay for multiple vehicles. Please include the vehicle(s) plate number on the memo line. 
  • Personal checks should include a valid drivers license and daytime phone number. 
  • There is a $30 service charge for each returned check. 

Pay by Cash

You may use cash to pay in person at either the Olathe or Mission location. Cash is not accepted by mail. 

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