Business Partnerships and Services

JCDS Inclusion Training

Inclusion Training can be in person or virtual

We provide an array of options for employers in the Johnson County and the greater Kansas City Metropolitan area and link businesses to qualified employees.

Our consultants will assist in reducing your hiring costs by putting the right person in the right job.

  • Our community development team will consult with you to see what you need.
  • We match your needs with interested and qualified candidates.
  • We provide on-site training to ensure that the employee is able to fully master the requirements of their job.

The right person is reliable, low rate of absenteeism, skills match what you need, dedicated, excellent safety record, accept authority and are accepted by the public.

Document Destruction Program

Johnson County Developmental Supports offers confidential shredding in our Document Destruction program that provides employment training and wages for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Learn more about the Document Destruction Program

Hiring Employees with Developmental Disabilities

Hiring workers with intellectual and developmental disabilities is not a charitable act, it’s just good business.

The vast numbers of employers who hire individuals with developmental disabilities rate these employees favorably. They are productive, dedicated and responsible employees who want to succeed and excel in their jobs. They have a positive effect on the business that hires them.

JCDS also provides contract labor that can be completed at your business site. 

  • The work crew operates at your facility and is accompanied by one of our supervisors.
  • The supervisor trains and oversees the work.
  • Payroll/benefits are handled by JCDS.
  • You have control over your inventory.

This provides a cost-efficient way to get your work done, without increasing your current workforce. Once JCDS workers learn the job, many companies hire those workers. You will never be caught short-staffed when you contract for workers from JCDS.

Inclusion Training

JCDS offers free training for Johnson County businesses and other public and private organizations. This training is ideal for business owners, human resource departments, mid-upper level managers or hiring managers.

The training can be offered at JCDS or your business. The training is one and a half hours and we cover the following topics: 

• ADA accommodations
• Adaptive technology
• Hiring and managing people with intellectual disabilities
• Working with Johnson County Developmental Supports
• Benefits of inclusive practices and 
• Explanation of the job coach role

We care about the employers we work with. Our goal is to fill your job needs with strong candidates.

JCDS trains and matches jobseekers with jobs that they want and can do. Our jobseekers are interested in every type of industry. JCDS offers support to the employer throughout the entire process. There are multiple ways to partner with JCDS:

  • Hiring qualified jobseekers
  • Hosting an internship
  • Providing company tours
  • Providing job shadows
  • Join the Business Advisory Council

Since 2015, JCDS jobseekers have maintained an overall retention rate of 85%.