Duplicate Title

vehicle title and certificate of origin

Request a duplicate or replacement title for your vehicle. Apply for a title in person or mail the below application to either the Olathe or Mission Motor Vehicle Office.

  • Complete the Application for Secured/ Duplicate/ Reissue of Title, Form TR-720B
  • The application must include the vehicle year, make and identification number, owner's name(s) and the current odometer reading. 
  • Include the appropriate title fee. The title fee in Kansas is $10. There is an additional $3 application fee for a repossession title. 
  • A check or money order is required for payment of all mail-in and drop-off transactions.

If there is a lienholder on the title or vehicle:

You cannot apply for a duplicate title as long as there is a lienholder indicated on the vehicle’s computer record.  A paper title will only be issued once the lien has been satisfied and a notarized lien release has been provided to the Motor Vehicle Division

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