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COVID-19 Updates

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Get updates from Johnson County Government on new developments in the coronavirus outbreak and efforts being taken to protect our community.

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JoCo Monthly

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Every month, we send an e-newsletter to county residents who are interested in our major projects, strategic priorities, news and events.

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Tax Foreclosure Auction

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County tax foreclosure auctions are held to collect unpaid real estate taxes. Would you like to know when the next tax foreclosure event is taking place? Subscribe to our mailing list, and we'll send you an e-mail notification when the next sale comes around.

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Mental Health

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Want news, events, services and legislative updates about Johnson County Mental Health Center delivered to your inbox each month? Do you need help coping during this public health crisis?

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Johnson County Alerts


NotifyJoCo is a free mass notification system designed to keep Johnson County Kansas residents and businesses informed of emergencies and certain non-emergency events. By registering with NotifyJoCo and customizing your alert preferences, you’ll receive time-sensitive messages directly from the County, city, and participating public utilities within Johnson County, Kansas. 

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Audit Reports

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Receive notifications when the county auditor posts new audit reports.

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BOCC Updates

Get weekly board updates and receive the county's monthly email newsletter from the chairman and individual or all commissioners.

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