Tract Lot Split

All land that is subdivided in unincorporated Johnson County must be platted in accordance with the Zoning and Subdivision Regulations.  However, if no more than two (2) lots are going to be created and the property has not been divided since March 1, 1982, such division may be allowed as a tract or lot split. 

1. Search Address

Before you create an application, make sure the address for your project is in the ‘unincorporated’ Johnson County area. Enter an address or KUPN number in the location search box provided. If the address returns with ‘Unincorporated Area’ then you can proceed with the permit application process. If your search returns with a ‘City’ name, then use the contact information provide to contact your city planning department.

2. Application Process

Before You Apply

No tract or lot split will be approved if one or more of the following applies:

  1. A new street or alley is needed or proposed. 
  2. A significant increase in service or maintenance requirements will result. 
  3. There is less street right-of-way than required.  Note:  Right-of-way dedication will be required. 
  4. All easement requirements have not been satisfied. 
  5. The split will result in a tract without direct access to and less than thirty-five (35) feet of frontage on a street. 
  6. A substandard sized lot or parcel will be created. 
  7. If one or more of the proposed lots has less than the Minimum Frontage and is not served by a joint driveway/access control agreement. 

Have you spoken to a Planner and scheduled a Development Review Committee Pre-Application Meeting? Download the Guidebook, review and complete the Questionnaire, and call the Planner on Duty at 913-715-2200 to set up a meeting.

How to Apply

  1. A complete application form.
  2. Legal Description for the property in question. Emailed as well as in Microsoft Word format. 
  3. Payment of filing fee. Make check payable to Johnson County Planning Department.
  4. Owner Authorization if not the legal owner of the property 
  5. Three sets of site plans, drawn to scale, which shall show the location of any structures and the location and dimensions of all property lines and the dimensions of both the original tract/lot and the proposed new tract/lot.  Example Site Plan.  
  6. Deed of Right of Way dedication, if required.  (Corporation or Individual

Full Application Packet and Procedures

Articles to Reference

Planning Department Procedures

  • Zoning Board notification. The application and attachments will be sent to the Zoning Board for comments. 
  • The Planning Department will prepare a deed of dedication, if applicable, and oversee the filing of a dedication of right-of-way with the Register of Deeds. 
  • The Zoning Administrator or his assignee will notify the applicant within 15 days of application as to the disposition of the request.