Sign Permit

1. Search Address

Before you create an application, make sure the address for your project is in the ‘unincorporated’ Johnson County area. Enter an address or KUPN number in the location search box provided. If the address returns with ‘Unincorporated Area’ then you can proceed with the permit application process. If your search returns with a ‘City’ name, then use the contact information provide to contact your city planning department.

2. Application Process

How to Apply

  1. A complete application form.
  2. Legal Description and common street address of the property. 
  3. Payment of filing fee. Make check payable to Johnson County Planning Department. 
  4. Letter of Authorization if not the legal owner of the property.
  5. Two sets of sign plans drawn to scale which shall include an elevation drawing of the proposed sign and sign structure along with the method of construction and means of attachment to the building or ground. 
  6. A site plan drawn to scale showing the position of the sign(s) in relation to property lines and nearby buildings and structures. Example

Full Application Packet and Procedures

Articles to Reference

  • Article 2 – Definitions (Excerpt) 
  • Article 17 – Supplementary Height, Area, and Bulk Regulations  
  • Article 20 – District Sign Regulations