Code Enforcement

house inspection men wearing safety vest and hard hat

The purpose of the Code Enforcement division is to ensure compliance with Johnson County regulations and respond to concerns from residents and property owners. We enforce regulations for the unincorporated areas in the County. 

We inspect properties for potential violations and some examples include inoperable vehicles, contractor yards, outdoor storage, and construction without a permit. We encourage anyone to notify staff when you see something that may be a violation of the Zoning Regulations.

If you have any questions regarding Code Enforcement in Unincorporated Johnson County, please call our office at 913-715-2200. 

Examples of possible code enforcement violations

  • Cargo Container Used as Storage
  • Construction without a Planning or Building Codes Approval
  • Home Occupations in Unpermitted Zoning Districts
  • Inoperable Cars, Recreational Vehicles, Utility Trailers
  • Outdoor Storage of Household Goods or Furniture, Business Equipment, or Materials, or Salvage or Scrap Materials for More than 48 hours
  • Suspected Automotive Repair Business
  • Suspected Contractor Operations
  • Too Many Animals Based on Zoning District or Size of Lot
  • Unpermitted Activities
  • Unscreened Trash Enclosures
  • Structures Not Complying with Building Setbacks

Note: The County does not have property maintenance regulations and we do not regulate the height of grass, weeds, or mowing of ditches. 

The Public Works Department has a program to report and eradicate noxious weeds in the County. 

Search Address

Before submitting your complaint, make sure the address for your property is in the ‘unincorporated’ Johnson County area. Enter an address or KUPN number in the location search box provided. If the address returns with ‘Unincorporated Area’ then you can proceed with the code complaint process. If your search returns with a ‘City’ name, then use the contact information provided to contact the respective city planning department.

Code Complaint Form