1. Search Address

Before you create an application, make sure the address for your project is in the ‘unincorporated’ Johnson County area. Enter an address or KUPN number in the location search box provided. If the address returns with ‘Unincorporated Area’ then you can proceed with the permit application process. If your search returns with a ‘City’ name, then use the contact information provide to contact your city planning department.

2. Application Process

Before You Apply

Article 5, Section 2 of the Johnson County Zoning and Subdivision Regulations states, “Zoning Permits shall be required before commencement of uses in the following designated instances:  

  1. On tracts for which formal Development Plan approval is required;  
  2. On tracts for which a Conditional Use Permit is required;  
  3. For any use permitted on any tract of land zoned Planned Retail Business District or Planned Employment Center District; and  
  4. On tracts for which a Development Plan has been approved by the Zoning Administrator in accordance with Section 5 of this Article.” 

Zoning Permit Guidelines

How to Apply

If required, a Zoning Permit application will be mailed to the applicant or owner. The Zoning Permit application should be completed by the owner, who will provide information as to Applicant Name, Owner Name, Company Name, Contact Person, Address, Phone, etc.

The Final Zoning Permit will be sent to the Contact Person shown on the Zoning Permit application.  

After Submitting Application

Upon return of the Zoning Permit Application, the County will inspect the subject property to determine whether the actual site development conforms to the requirements of the approved Development Plan, Conditional Use Permit or zoning district requirements. 

After an inspection of the property, the County shall either:  

  1. Approve the zoning permit, or 
  2. Approve a temporary zoning permit in accordance with the Zoning Regulations (A copy of the Temporary Zoning Permit requirements will be provided upon request), or 
  3. Deny the zoning permit (deny occupancy and use of the property) and provide a list of the reasons for the denial.