Position Descriptions

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Human Resources has posted the county classified position descriptions. Job applicants can find most position descriptions here. These positions are also used for compensation comparisons. Positions include:

  • Administrative: assistants, clerk, assistant, volunteer coordinators and training
  • Direct care: support provider, service coordinator, medical positions
  • Legal: district attorney, counselor and others
  • Public safety: corrections positions, paramedics, case managers, investigators, advocates and others
  • Quality/compliance: compliance specialist, environmental technician and technologist
  • Infrastructure: positions in public works, facilities, wastewater, planning and airport
  • Library: page, branch manager, youth services, collection, librarian, information specialist and others

Supervisor, manager and other positions not listed are available by request. If you do not find what you need, please email us.

Classified Position Descriptions


Fleet Service Technician II

Fleet Service Technician III

Fleet Services Supervisor

Inventory Technician

Warehouse Coordinator

Building Maintenance Manager

Building Maintenance Supervisor

Rail Specialist I

Rail Specialist II

Water Specialist

Airport Maintenance Trainee

Airport Maintenance Specialist I

Airport Maintenance Specialist II

Airport Maintenance Specialist III

Airport Fleet Specialist

Truck Driver 

Line Cleaning Inspection Trainee

Line Cleaning & Inspection Crew Member

Line Cleaning Inspection Crew Leader I

Line Cleaning Inspection Crew Leader II

Line Repair Construction Trainee

Line Repair Construction Crew Member I

Line Repair Construction Crew Member II

Line Repair Construction Crew Leader

Wastewater Treatment Crew Member I

Wastewater Treatment Crew Member II  

Wastewater Treatment Crew Member III

Wastewater Maintenance Specialist

Planner I

Planner II

Planner III

Engineering Aide

Engineer I

Engineer II       

Engineer III