Position Descriptions

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Below is a listing of classified positions within the County.  Human Resources will continue to review and post position descriptions for other position groupings. 

Supervisor/Manager positions and other positions not listed are available by request.  

Classified Position Descriptions


Road Maintenance Trainee
Road Maintenance Worker I
Road Maintenance Worker II
Road Maintenance Crew Leader
Road Maintenance Crew Foreman
Bridge Crew Trainee
Bridge Crew Specialist
Bridge Crew Leader
Bridge Crew Foreman
Engineering Technician I
Engineering Technician II
Engineering Technician III
Sign Technician
Custodian I
Custodian II
Custodian III
Custodian Supervisor
Maintenance Mechanic I
Maintenance Mechanic II
Maintenance Mechanic III
Maintenance Specialist I
Maintenance Specialist II
Maintenance Coordinator
Groundskeeper I   
Groundskeeper II
Groundskeeper Supervisor
Fleet Service Technician I
Fleet Service Technician II
Fleet Service Technician III
Fleet Services Supervisor
Inventory Technician
Warehouse Coordinator
Building Maintenance Manager
Building Maintenance Supervisor
Rail Specialist I
Rail Specialist II
Water Specialist
Airport Maintenance Trainee
Airport Maintenance Specialist I
Airport Maintenance Specialist II
Airport Maintenance Specialist III
Airport Fleet Specialist
Truck Driver 
Line Cleaning Inspection Trainee
Line Cleaning & Inspection Crew Member
Line Cleaning Inspection Crew Leader I
Line Cleaning Inspection Crew Leader II
Line Repair Construction Trainee
Line Repair Construction Crew Member I
Line Repair Construction Crew Member II
Line Repair Construction Crew Leader
Wastewater Treatment Crew Member I
Wastewater Treatment Crew Member II  
Wastewater Treatment Crew Member III
Wastewater Maintenance Specialist
Planner I
Planner II
Planner III
Engineering Aide
Engineer I
Engineer II       
Engineer III