County Pay Tables

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Johnson County has three different pay tables:

  • Classified
  • Emergency Services 24 hour
  • Civil Service, which is specific to the Sheriff's Office

Most positions within the county are classified.

Each position classification corresponds with a pay range in the pay table. The entire pay range is considered to be market-competitive for that position classification.

Classified Pay Tables

2024 Classified Pay Table

2023 Classified Pay Table

Civil Service Pay Tables

2024 Civil Service Pay Table

2023 Civil Service Pay Table

Emergency Services Pay Tables

2024 Emergency Services Pay Table

2023 Emergency Services Pay Table

Pay Table Maintenance

The Department of Human Resources will periodically conduct a comprehensive external market analysis of pay tables to ensure the pay ranges are market competitive and are consistent with the County’s compensation philosophy. As a part of the annual budget process, Human Resources makes recommendations to change pay ranges as necessary.  Pay rates for unclassified positions are based on external market data, statutory requirements or other guidelines.