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Automated Information Mapping System

Phone: 913-715-1600

111 S. Cherry St., Suite 3100, Olathe, KS 66061

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Products & Services

AIMS provides a variety of GIS products and services to Johnson County agencies, Data Partners, and residents of Johnson County. AIMS’ products and services, whether they be hard copy mapping, application development, consulting, etc. can save organizations substantial development costs including staff time, hardware and software investments, data development, and data maintenance. The combination of AIMS talent and resources can accommodate all of your GIS/mapping needs. Please contact us if you have an idea for something that you would like to have done.

Please take a look at the following links to learn more about AIMS products and services including the types of services that we offer, area of specialties, and the skills and technologies that our staff is fluent in.

Services, Specialties, Skills and Technology

Types of Services

  • Application Development
    • Desktop Applications
    • Client/Server Applications
    • Mapping Applications
    • Web Applications
  • Custom & Printed Map Production
  • Data Services
    • Analysis
    • Collection
    • Distribution
    • Maintenance
    • Reporting
    • Storage
    • Visualization
  • Geocoding Services
  • Process Automation

Areas of Specialty

  • Addressing
  • Asset Management
  • City/County Government
  • Emergency Response
  • Land Records
  • Location Services
  • Natural Resource Management
  • Public Health and Epidemiology
  • Public Safety
  • Public Works

Skills and Technologies

  • GIS Technologies:
    • Software: ArcGIS 10.x, ArcGIS Pro, FME
    • Skills: Analysis (Overlays, Proximity, Networks, etc.), Asset Management, Cartography, Data Collection & Editing, Routing, Site Selection
  • Programming and Development:
    • Software: Visual Studio 2010+, WPF
    • Languages: .NET (Visual Basic and C#), Python, ArcObjects
    • Skills: Database Programming (ADO.NET), Object Oriented Programming, Service Oriented Architecture, Deployment (.NET Frameworks)
  • Database:
    • Software: Microsoft SQL Server 2012, SQL Management Studio, SQL Reporting Services, ArcSDE, File Geodatabase, Access
    • Skills: RDBMS concepts, DB design/model, ANSI SQL, SQL Spatial, DB administration
  • Web/Internet Technologies:
    • Languages: ASP.NET, HTML5, CSS, Javascript, XML, JSON, GeoJSON
    • Software: ArcGIS Server 10.x, Portal, ArcGIS Online, Web Map APIs (Google, ESRI, Leaflet, etc.), Tableau

One of the best ways to communicate an issue or problem is through a map; maps are a highly visual tool for decision making. AIMS can make a map of virtually anything in Johnson County, and will work with you to produce one that will meet your particular needs. Our map products are available in either hardcopy or PDF formats.

Below you will see a list of the types of maps we offer and a description of each.

Please review our map pricing for sizes and other options.

Standard Maps
Displays various features, including property, planimetrics and/or aerial photographs for a specified extent and map size

Map Books
Bound books that organize many pages of detailed maps. Like an atlas, these maps are indexed to easily find information about a particular area of interest.

Wall Maps
Includes large-scale, typically county-wide maps that show a particular aspect of the county. These include road, district or boundary maps.

Custom Maps
Maps created for the specific needs of a customer. For custom mapping contact AIMS at 913-715-1600 or email [email protected].

City Growth
Animated map which show growth in city incorporation from 1978 to present day.

Plat Growth
Animated map which shows the amount of plats recorded in a given five year period from 1865 to 2011.

Plat Services

AIMS offers users several options when searching recorded plats in Johnson County. Public access is available with limited free downloads, while a subscription-based access is offered to users with a higher volume need. Utilizing the subscription service enables users to access the functionality of the Map Search where they can interact with the map to find the desired plat image.

Plat Search Access Public - Users can search the AIMS data base for plats by plat name, book/page, AIMS map number, year platted, date recorded, city and plat id. Users are provided with options to view a thumbnail of the scanned image, view the location of the plat in the AIMS Online Mapping System and download one free scanned plat image (in TIF format) per user (based on IP address) every 7 days. Additional scanned images can be downloaded for $5 each.
Subscription - For high volume users, AIMS offers an annual subscription service for searching plats. Users gain access to the same functionality of the public access service, along with unlimited image downloads and access to the Map Search application detailed below. The annual subscription is available for $180 per user.
Map Search Subscription Only - Available to Plat Search Subscribers, this application allows an interactive, map-centric search of the plat database. Users can search the map by address, parcel id, plat name, plat subcode, and Township-Range-Section. The scanned plat images are geo-referenced and can be viewed with the current property lines and plat outlines overlayed. The option to download the TIF image is provided, along with standard mapping tools such as pan, zoom in/out, measure, and property searches.
Address Services

AIMS offers a variety of services geared toward validating and geocoding addresses. Whether searching the Johnson County address database or viewing addresses on an interactive map, AIMS provides the tools needed to accomplish these tasks. For data entry users, desktop and web applications are available that can be used to verify an address at the point of entry, minimizing mis-entered information into customer and client databases. Please use the links to the left for more information about each of these services or contact our Mapper of the Day (913-715-1600) with questions.

Address Locator
An internet based application that allows users to input a set of addresses and view these points in an interactive mapping interface. Users can upload Excel spreadsheets, Access databases and text files, or enter their own addresses manually. These points are then matched with the Johnson County address database or Yahoo! and displayed on a map. This application is good for addresses both in and out of Johnson County, making it good for tasks such as mapping code violations within a city, mapping locations of deliveries metro-wide, or understanding better where customers of a small business might be coming from.

Address Web Services
The Address Web Service allows application developers to search, validate and geocode against the Johnson County master address database. As a web service, the developer can utilize the address database without being on the county network. Built using SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol), the Address Web Service can be accessed using almost any programming language.

Address Search Utility
AIMS offers three distinct tools for users to search for, and validate Johnson County addresses. There is a simple desktop application that can be downloaded to the user’s computer and used directly from the desktop. A similar online version is also available, allowing for validation of individual addresses from the internet that can then be copied and used in separate forms or documents. Finally, AIMS offers an Excel formatted spreadsheet that will allow users to validate multiple addresses at one time. These tools are particularly useful for those who need to determine the validity of an address and minimize errors when entering addresses into customer and client databases.

Informational Brochures

AIMS offers a variety of different services, applications, and datasets, please click on the links below to view our informational brochures.  If you need more information than what you can find within these PDF documents, please don't hesitate to call or stop by MOD where we can more fully assist you, click here for contact information.