Map Book

One of the best ways to communicate an issue or problem is through a map; maps are a highly visual tool for decision making.

AIMS can make a map of virtually anything in Johnson County, and will work with you to produce one that will meet your particular needs. Our map products are available in either hardcopy or PDF formats.

Please review our map pricing for sizes and other options.

Standard Maps

Displays various features, including property, planimetrics and/or aerial photographs for a specified extent and map size.

Map Books

Bound books that organize many pages of detailed maps. Like an atlas, these maps are indexed to easily find information about a particular area of interest.

Wall Maps

Includes large-scale, typically county-wide maps that show a particular aspect of the county. These include road, district or boundary maps.

Custom Maps

Maps created for the specific needs of a customer. For custom mapping contact the Mapper of the Day or call us at at 913-715-1600.

City Growth

Animated map which show growth in city incorporation from 1978 to present day.

Plat Growth

Animated map which shows the amount of plats recorded in a given five year period from 1865 to 2011.