Address Services

Online map with multiple pins.

AIMS offers a variety of services geared toward validating and geocoding addresses. Whether searching the Johnson County address database or viewing addresses on an interactive map, AIMS provides the tools needed to accomplish these tasks.

For data entry users, desktop and web applications are available that can be used to verify an address at the point of entry, minimizing miss-entered information into customer and client databases. 

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Address Locator

An internet based application that allows users to input a set of addresses and view these points in an interactive mapping interface. Users can upload Excel spreadsheets, Access databases and text files, or enter their own addresses manually.

These points are then matched with the Johnson County address database or Yahoo! and displayed on a map.

This application is good for addresses both in and out of Johnson County, making it good for tasks such as mapping code violations within a city, mapping locations of deliveries metro-wide, or understanding better where customers of a small business might be coming from.

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Address Web Services

The Address Web Service allows application developers to search, validate and geocode against the Johnson County master address database.

As a web service, the developer can utilize the address database without being on the county network. Built using SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol), the Address Web Service can be accessed using almost any programming language.

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Address Search Utility

AIMS offers three distinct tools for users to search for, and validate Johnson County addresses. There is a simple desktop application that can be downloaded to the user’s computer and used directly from the desktop.

A similar online version is also available, allowing for validation of individual addresses from the internet that can then be copied and used in separate forms or documents.

Finally, AIMS offers an Excel formatted spreadsheet that will allow users to validate multiple addresses at one time. These tools are particularly useful for those who need to determine the validity of an address and minimize errors when entering addresses into customer and client databases.

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