Types of Services

A screenshot of Kansas map.

Application Development

  • Desktop Applications
  • Client/Server Applications
  • Mapping Applications
  • Web Applications

Custom & Printed Map Production

Data Services

  • Analysis
  • Collection
  • Distribution
  • Maintenance
  • Reporting
  • Storage
  • Visualization

Geocoding Services

Process Automation

Areas of Specialty

  • Addressing
  • Asset Management
  • City/County Government
  • Emergency Response
  • Land Records
  • Location Services
  • Natural Resource Management
  • Public Health and Epidemiology
  • Public Safety
  • Public Works

Skills and Technologies

GIS Technologies

  • Software: ArcGIS 10.x, ArcGIS Pro, FME
  • Skills: Analysis (Overlays, Proximity, Networks, etc.), Asset Management, Cartography, Data Collection & Editing, Routing, Site Selection

Programming and Development

  • Software: Visual Studio 2010+, WPF
  • Languages: .NET (Visual Basic and C#), Python, ArcObjects
  • Skills: Database Programming (ADO.NET), Object Oriented Programming, Service Oriented Architecture, Deployment (.NET Frameworks)


  • Software: Microsoft SQL Server 2012, SQL Management Studio, SQL Reporting Services, ArcSDE, File Geodatabase, Access
  • Skills: RDBMS concepts, DB design/model, ANSI SQL, SQL Spatial, DB administration

Web/Internet Technologies

  • Languages: ASP.NET, HTML5, CSS, Javascript, XML, JSON, GeoJSON
  • Software: ArcGIS Server 10.x, Portal, ArcGIS Online, Web Map APIs (Google, ESRI, Leaflet, etc.), Tableau

Other Mapping Services

Address Web Service

The Address Web Service is an application developers tool.  With the address web service you can validate an address or a full database of addresses against the county standard for addressing.  If an address is validated by the Address Web Service the X, and Y coordinates of the location will be returned along with other information pertaining to the address.  Having the X and Y coordinates allows a developer to do on the fly geocoding with the Address Web Service.  

Learn more about Address Web Service

Johnson County Land Records (JCLR)

The Johnson County Land Records (JCLR) application is a centralized portal for researching land record information in Johnson County . It is an internet based application which allows access to three primary types of information, land attribute data, spatial data, and scanned documents.  Inside JCLR users have the ability to create protest petition reports, view parcel spatial history, create buffer maps, and a variety of other things.  JCLR is a secured internet application which is accessible through the myAIMS application portal. 

Learn more about JCLR

Crime Mapping

These applications are internet based crime mapping solutions created for local police departments which provides access for both the public and city's internal staff to query and view crime data on maps.  What is unique about these applications is that they stray from the reliance on expensive and cumbersome internet mapping packages and use a freely available, open source internet mapping platform from Google. Each entity can then add a customized background, or "wrapper", to the application and integrate directly into an existing website.  Click the links below to view these applications:

School Locator Web Service

The School Locator Web Service is an application developers tool, which allows a developer to integrate AIMS mapping and school location services into their application for the purposes of determining which school a supplied address should be attending.  By supplying an application that is integrated with the School Locator Web Service a valid Johnson County address, the web service returns the appropriate elementary, middle, and high school boundary maps along with contact information for the given schools. The School Locator Web service is being used by a majority of the school districts within Johnson County.  To view the applications yourself, please click the following links: