Survey results offer lots of input

The results from the 2022 Best Times Magazine Readership Survey are in.

The survey of eight questions was completed by 503 readers (about 70% online, 30% by mail) and provided ample food for thought. We appreciate the insights, feedback and suggestions! The survey four years ago had 98 submissions (about 25% online, 75% by mail).

The 2022 survey indicates:

  • 98% read every or most issues
  • 96% rate the quality of The Best Times at excellent or good
  • 89% read all or most of each issue
  • 64% visited a website that was provided in magazine for more information
  • 63% have saved/shared an article or issue
  • 53% have attended an event or enrolled in a program

Health and wellness information tops the very-interested list at 71% followed by aging trends and senior advice at 60%, entertainment/travel at 49% and elder law/legal issues and resources at 45%.

Senior discounts in restaurants, programs, events or advertising found a 54% very-interested response.

Themes that emerged from related comments showed a desire for more content on senior and health issues, computer and cellphone tips/advice/training for seniors, consumer articles, options for senior living and senior transportation, dental topics, legislative advocacy tips and downsizing hints.

Part-time job opportunities for seniors and travel opportunities were also suggested.

We’ll consider these suggestions and others as well. Articles on Johnson County history were quite popular along with gardening information, 50 Plus insert and the calendar of events.

The data reflects most respondents still prefer reading The Best Times in print vs. online.

We remain committed to crafting a publication that continues to engage The Best Times readership while also embodying the magazine’s commitment to addressing the increased costs to produce and mail.

This year, we selected a slightly lighter paper weight, which reduces only the print cost. That slight gain has already been offset by inflation with higher costs for paper and ink. The costs for labor to print and transportation and fuel – getting the paper from mills to the printing presses – also have risen. An 8.5% increase in postal is anticipated in July.

The survey again proved The Best Times remains popular with general support of its editorial diversity. The results also affirmed no consideration to move the magazine solely online or impose a cost to receive the publication. The Best Times will remain a FREE bimonthly publication by mail and accessible online and a digital option with a growing readership that's now more than 80,000 for each issue.

Signing up for the digital option is as easy at clicking on, completing a short form and submitting the information. The form asks your name, mailing address and email. Once that information is received and placed into the distribution of The Best Times, readers choosing the digital option will no longer receive the print edition by mail. That’s important in addressing the rising costs of producing The Best Times.

In closing, congrats to Janet Bachnick and Linda Skinner, who won the drawing for a $25 gift card from the Johnson County Park and Recreation District for participating in the 2022 survey.

We were informed from and had fun with the 2022 survey. We also have fun working at The Best Times magazine. A lot of that has to do with our purpose and goal of informing and supporting Johnson County’s 60-plus residents with the hope of the best times ahead for all.