Party affiliation deadline set June 1

The deadline for Johnson County voters to change their party affiliation is June 1 for the primary election on Tuesday, Aug. 2.

If a voter is currently registered and affiliated with the Republican, Democratic or Libertarian party, the voter will need to file a new voter registration form to change their party affiliation for the upcoming primary election.

Voters can and are encouraged to check their current voter registration status at:

The two major political parties in Kansas, the Republican and Democratic parties, typically will “close” their party nominating election to only registered voters that have affiliated with the political party. The primary election is the nominating election for these two political parties in Kansas for the party candidates on partisan contest races for the general election on Nov. 8.

The August primary election is also the election for the Republican and Democratic precinct committee contest races.

Unaffiliated registered voters can affiliate with a political party at any time before or after June 1, including at a polling location on election day (Aug. 2) for the primary election.