Community Health Network

The Community Health Network is a partnership between the Johnson County Department of Health Environment and community agencies and organizations throughout the county. By assessing the community’s health status and needs, the network strives to improve and maintain a high level of health for our residents.

JCDHE works with its partners to conduct regular community health assessments, in which data is collected and analyzed about the state of the community’s health, and works to create and implement community health improvement plans that outline potential health improvements. The Community Health Network meets regularly to provide updates on its assessment and planning efforts.

Current Community Health Assessment

The Health Happens Here JoCo dashboard offers an interactive view of Johnson County Department of Health and Environment’s Community Health Assessment. The dashboard highlights key data and information about the health and wellness of Johnson County residents. This includes a look at physical health as well as numerous factors that affect the health of the community – from finances to housing to social connection.

Health Happens Here Dashboard

Previous Community Health Assessments and Improvement Plans