Disease Containment Program

The disease containment program team is committed to safeguarding the health of our community through proactive measures and effective disease containment strategies. Our team conducts infectious disease investigations, surveillance and outbreak investigation and management. We provide subject matter expertise to healthcare facilities, physicians, veterinarians and the general public. Our mission is to promote and protect the health and environment for all who live, work and play in our community.

Report a Disease or Outbreak

  • Report a disease or outbreak or submit an influenza surveillance report online.
  • Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., call 913-826-1303 
  • After business hours and on weekends, call 877-427-7317 (Kansas Department of Health and Environment)
  • Fax completed reportable disease form to 913-826-1300
  • Reportable diseases in Kansas

Report a Food-Related Illness or Complaint

The Kansas Department of Health and Environment and the Kansas Department of Agriculture work cooperatively to investigate foodborne illness outbreaks in Kansas. 

Submit a food safety complaint that did NOT cause illness. You can submit a complaint online, send an email or call 785-564-6767

Report an illness caused by a restaurant, food item or event. Call 877-427-7317 or submit a report online.

Report a Lodging Complaint

The Kansas Department of Agriculture investigates all lodging complaints in Kansas. Submit a lodging complaint online, send an email or call 785-564-6767.