Johnson County Square History

Grey display board in Johnson County Square with information about the history of Johnson County

The Johnson County Square, located at the corner of Kansas Avenue and Santa Fe Street in downtown Olathe, opened in 2021 as a green space with a curved walkway, performance stage and more. Near the Children of the Trails Fountain at the southern end is the History Plaza, where you can explore Johnson County's history through several displays.

There are eight total boards with information about the county, including history of the county, Johnson County Square, Johnson County Courthouse, time capsules and more. For further reading beyond what's on display in the square, you can access the links below.

Johnson County History

Explore the history of Johnson County, from the roots of Kansas' most populous county to the heritage and achievements of its Native American, Black and women residents.

Johnson County Square

Learn about the Johnson County Square, located in Downtown Olathe in the space where the previous Johnson County Courthouse stood.

Johnson County Courthouses

Learn about the history of Johnson County's four courthouses, including the project to build the new Johnson County Courthouse, which began occupancy in 2021.

Old Settlers

Learn about Old Settlers, the annual festival in Downtown Olathe that began in 1898.

George Washington Carver

Learn about the experiences of George Washington Carver in Johnson County, as well as information on Johnson County’s Juneteenth celebrations and notable residents past and present.