County Leadership

Managers in County Manager's Office

County Leadership

The county manager is the chief administrative officer of Johnson County Government and is responsible for its executive functions.

Executive Functions

  • Daily administrative functions of Johnson County Government
  • Direct and supervise the organizational structure of all offices, the appointed officers and employees, except as otherwise provided by law or as provided in the Charter
  • Implement the policies of the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) through the functional divisions and departments of administration
  • Prepare and submit a recommended annual budget to the BOCC for final adoption and administer the budget after its effective date
  • Report to, confer with, assist and advise the Chair of the BOCC and make recommendations on all matters concerning the welfare of Johnson County government
  • Ensure that all ordinances, resolutions, codes, regulations, rules, policies, directions and actions of the BOCC are faithfully enforced, administered and executed
  • Attend, or provide appropriate staff to attend, all official BOCC meetings, except those where the continued employment of the County Manager is under consideration
  • Assist the Chair and the BOCC in the preparation of meeting agendas, resolutions, rules, regulations, policies, and all such other matters as may be requested by the BOCC
  • Submit to the BOCC and make available to the public periodic annual reports of the financial administrative affairs of Johnson County Government and keep the BOCC advised of the financial conditions and needs of Johnson County Government
  • Prepare and submit to the BOCC, annually before May 1, recommendations for a capital improvement and financing program for Johnson County

All agencies and departments within the organization maintain either a direct or a functional reporting relationship with the County Manager’s Office.

Organization Chart

A woman drawing an organizational chart

View the Johnson County, Kansas Government organizational chart.