Creek Renaming

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A grassroots campaign to change the name of Negro Creek in east-central Johnson County is gathering steam with plans for community engagement in the months ahead.

The small waterway meanders through several neighborhoods and a few small parks in southern Overland Park and Leawood, including portions of the Iron Horse Golf Course.

The creek is one of six geographic places in five Kansas counties, including Johnson County, and 757 sites in the nation with Negro or a related term in their names.

Creek Location

A map of the creek

Negro Creek, in Johnson County, Kansas, is a tributary to the Blue River. The headwaters originate near 151st Street and Antioch Road in Overland Park.

The main stem flows generally east for 4 miles through the City of Leawood, to its confluence with the Blue River near 151st Street and Kenneth Road just west of the State Line. Its watershed encompasses 8.6 miles.

Renaming the Creek

Changing the name will take time with the upcoming community input and with required support for the chosen new name by community organizations, two city governments, the Johnson County Board of County Commissioners and state agencies.

The U.S. Board on Geographic Names, a federal agency, has the final say on standardizing geographic names in the nation and typically changes a name only if local support for the change is strong. Once an application for a new name has been submitted, the process can take up to six months for a decision.

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Research Report

Warning, the following document contains graphic descriptions of a violent historical event, includes and references a newspaper article from 1879 which contains offensive language that has been redacted.

Report on the History and the Origins of the Name of Negro Creek, Johnson County, Kansas