BOCC adopts 2023 Budget with a rollback of one mill

The Johnson County Board of County Commissioners has adopted the Fiscal Year 2023 Operating and Capital Improvement Budget.

The county’s financial plan reduces the mill levies in all three of the county’s taxing districts for a total one mill levy rollback next year. It represents the county’s fifth mill levy reduction in six years.

The FY 2023 Budget totals slightly more than $1.65 billion with $1.162 billion in expenditures and $488.1 million in reserves.

Key highlights of the 2023 budget include:

  • A rollback in the county’s total property tax levy to an estimated 24.542 mills (a 1.026 mill levy reduction when compared to the FY 2022 mill levy). Due to pending exemptions, once assessed valuation is finalized, the mill levy is estimated at 24.568 or a 1.000 mill levy reduction. The budget lowers Johnson County’s three taxing districts, including 0.82 mills for the county taxing district, 0.10 mills for Johnson County Library and 0.08 mills for Johnson County Park and Recreation District.
  • A Capital Improvement Program with $23.3 million for the Stormwater Management Program; $21.8 million for Commerce Center phase II at the New Century AirCenter; approximately $20 million for capital projects and enhancements at county parks; $17.2 million for the County Assistance Road System (CARS) program; almost $10 million for a new MED-ACT facility in Olathe; and $5.5 million for Johnson County Library projects, including approximately $1 million for De Soto, Spring Hill and Edgerton Library improvements.
  • Additional personnel to meet increased demands for public services and public safety, including four Sheriff’s Office positions; two positions for the Department of Emergency Services to answer 9-1-1 calls and dispatch first responders; a victim advocate for the District Attorney’s Office to help address a backlog of cases; a new housing coordinator to focus on housing insecurity and affordability; and three Johnson County Mental Health Center positions.

The final setting of the FY 2023 mill levy will be established by the end of October with the latest property valuations by the Department of Treasury, Taxation and Vehicles. Johnson County property owners will receive their next tax statement after Nov. 1.

The county’s next fiscal year begins Jan. 1, 2023.

Details about the FY 2023 Budget, current and previous budgets, and budget process are available at