KHRC helps renters and homeowners

The Kansas Housing Resources Corporation (KHRC) is a nonprofit, public corporation that serves as the primary administrator of federal housing programs for the state of Kansas. They help Kansans access safe, affordable housing. Visit them online at to see more about the services they offer.

Here are a couple of their programs that residents of Kansas have found very helpful recently:

The Kansas Emergency Rental Assistance (KERA) program provides rent, utility*, and internet assistance to households that have experienced financial hardships during the COVID pandemic including loss of employment, reduction in household income, or significant COVID-related expenses for medical bills, protective equipment, childcare or internet expenses.

The goals of KERA are to avoid eviction or utility disconnections. Households can be eligible for up to one year of rental assistance (past due or future) and/or up to one year of late/past due utilities. Landlords and tenants apply via a joint online process. If the application is approved, the landlord or service provider receives funds directly from KERA and applies KERA funds to the applicant’s account.

Approved applicants are eligible for up to 18 months of assistance. These local agencies may advise applicants or provide help filling out the application:

The Kansas Homeowners Assistance Fund (KHAF) provides mortgage and property tax assistance. Homeowners who need assistance with delinquent mortgage payments and other associated expenses like utilities and property taxes can apply to the KHAF program for help. Visit Kansas Homeowner Assistance Fund website, and you will see a section titled “Documents/Forms/Resources” that has a fact sheet with more information about the program. KHAF applicants can also contact Habitat for Humanity for application assistance and mortgage counseling, as needed: 816-924-1096 (Extension 1040 or 1041).

* On a related note Johnson County Aging & Human Services also administers the Johnson County Utility Assistance Program which provides financial assistance to qualifying low-income households for electric, water, gas, wastewater or propane utility bills. Call 913-715-6653 for help.