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Treasury, Taxation, and Vehicles

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Mortgage & Title Companies

Taxing Services

If you are a mortgage company, title company, or taxing service and you did not receive a tax bill for a parcel or parcels you are paying on, please print off a bill from our View/Pay Bill service and send it in with the appropriate payment amount. The Johnson County Treasurer can electronically process this bill. If you do not send in this bill or the original bill with your tax payment, but choose instead to send a self-generated (memo) bill or no bill at all, the County Treasurer will charge a $5 per parcel duplicate bill fee to cover administrative costs.

Fee Policy

Tax Verification, Duplicate Bills, & Payment Errors

The Johnson County Treasury and Financial Management department fee schedule per parcel will be as follows:

  • Tax Verification = $5.00
  • Duplicate Bills = $5.00
  • Payment Error = $50.00

We regret any inconvenience this may cause, but this fee increase is needed to help offset additional administrative expenses caused by the overwhelming number of requests for tax information, as well as the research time needed to correct erroneous payments.

Accessing tax information through one of the following methods can mitigate or eliminate these fees:

  • Our Internet Web Site, through the View/Pay Tax Bill service, provides an Internet Tax Bill for the annual tax amount of each parcel. The bill will reflect payments of taxes (allow 24 hours for payment to post) and show the balance due. It will also reflect any changes in the tax amount due to any supplemental taxes, or any abatement of taxes. This bill includes any applicable interest and fees that may have accrued. The online tax bill is designed to be processed by our lockbox processing service.
  • Use of public access terminals available in the Records and Tax Administration office in the Johnson County Administration building. These terminals allow access to the most current tax information available. They will assist anyone wishing to learn how to access tax information via these terminals.

Should you decide not to utilize these alternatives, we ask that you e-mail or fax your tax verification or duplicate bill requests to the Treasurer’s Office. You can reach us via email by clicking here. Please be specific as to the type of information you want verified for each parcel. We will only be responsible for returning the requested tax information based on the original information sent to our office. The Treasurer’s Office will send you an invoice detailing type of charge and number of parcels requested at the end of each month.

If you have any questions regarding these fees or would like more information about the alternatives available, please contact the Treasurer’s Office at (913) 715-2600.

Mortgage Company Payments

Options for paying real estate tax

  • Half payment of tax is due on or before December 20th of the current year.

Utilizing half payment

  • The first half is due on or before December 20th of the current year.
  • The second half is due on or before May 10th of the following year.

Notice of past due taxes

  • Past due notices are sent to the homeowner, not to the escrow agent.

Lending agents utilizing taxing services

  • Lending agents sometimes use taxing services that pay by an electronic tape. Therefore, if you receive a tax bill, your lending agent needs to update the information to their taxing service or the Treasurer's Office. If the mortgage is paid off or refinanced, it is the mortgage company's responsibility to notify the Treasurer's office.
  • All requests for first half tax bills have to be received by the Treasurer's office no later than September 30th of the current year, in order to print real estate tax bills and mail in November of the current year. Second half tax bill requests must be made no later than March 1st in order to be mailed out in April.