Property Tax Relief Programs

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Johnson County has a pilot program to offer property tax relief to seniors 65 and older and disabled veterans in 2024. Homestead, Safe Senior (SAFESR), and Senior or Disabled Veteran (SVR) are property relief programs administered by the Kansas Department of Revenue that offer a property tax refund to eligible homeowners.

Johnson County Senior and Disabled Veteran Property Tax Relief Program

In 2023, the Board of County Commissioners approved funding for a pilot program to offer property tax relief for low-income seniors and disabled veterans who meet income and other requirements.

Learn more about the program, including the application process.

State of Kansas property tax relief programs

A Homestead, SAFESR or SVR property tax refund claim must be completed and filed with the Kansas Department of Revenue each year between January 1 and April 15. Claim forms can be completed electronically through the KDOR homestead claim portal

If you only receive social security or do not file income taxes, you will file your claim with the Kansas Department of Revenue directly. If you file income taxes, your homestead claim will be a part of the state filing process through your tax preparer.

Homestead Property Tax Refund

The Homestead claim (K-40H) allows a rebate of a portion of the property taxes paid on a Kansas resident’s homestead. A homestead is a house, mobile or manufactured home, or other dwelling subject to property tax that you own and occupy as a residence. Your refund percentage is based on your total household income and the refund is a percentage of your general property tax. Claimants that receive this refund cannot claim a SVR or SAFESR refund.

Senior or Disabled Veteran (SVR) Property Tax Refund

The Senior or Disabled Veteran (SVR) property tax refund claim (K-40SVR) allows a refund of property tax for senior citizens or disabled veterans. The refund amount is the difference between the current and base year property tax amount. Claimants that receive this refund cannot claim a Homestead or SAFESR refund.

SAFESR Property Tax Relief

The SAFESR property tax relief claim (K-40PT) allows a refund of property tax for low income senior citizens that own their home. The refund is 75% of the property taxes actually and timely paid on real or personal property used as their principal residence. Claimants that receive this refund cannot claim a Homestead or SVR refund.

Tax Payer Assistance

County Clerk 913-715-0775 (ask for assistance with homestead)

Kansas Tax line 785-368-8222

The Kansas Department of Revenue  provides free assistance in Topeka, on the first floor of the Docking State Office Building at 915 Southwest Harrison. The state office hours in Topeka are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Volunteer Income Tax Preparation (VITA) Sites In Kansas

The VITA Program offers free tax help to low- to moderate-income (generally, $51,000 and below) people who cannot prepare their own tax returns. Certified volunteers sponsored by various organizations receive training to help prepare basic tax returns in communities across the country.

VITA sites are generally located at community and neighborhood centers, libraries, schools, shopping malls, and other convenient locations. Most locations also offer free electronic filing. To locate the nearest VITA site, call 1-800-906-9887

Refund Advancement Program

This optional program provides eligible homeowners an opportunity to apply a portion of their anticipated Homestead, SAFESR, or SVR refund to the 1st half of property taxes due December 20. The amount of the advancement is based on the prior years refund amount. (Funds are applied to ad valorem tax, not to special assessments.)

To participate in this program, mark the Refund Advancement Program check box on your K-40H, K-40PT, K-40SVR claim form. By checking the box, you are requesting the Kansas Department of Revenue electronically transfer your advancement information directly to the County Treasurer.

A Homestead Refund Claim Form (K-40H), SAFESR Refund Claim Form (K-40PT), or a SVR Refund Claim Form (K-40SVR) is still required and must be filed each year between January 1 and April 15 in order to pay back the advanced refund sent to the County Treasurer in December.

If you do not check this box on the claim form, you cannot participate in the advancement program, and your refund will not be used to pay your property taxes.