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Mental Health

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Youth Leadership Summit

Youth Leadership Conference 2016

Youth Leadership Summit

The Youth Leadership Summit (YLS) is where inspiration, motivation, activism, and change begin. YLS is designed to help teens grow as leaders. YLS is a program focused on reducing underage alcohol and drug use, preventing suicide, promoting mental health, and encouraging healthy behaviors among youth in Johnson County. 

YLS is a full-day conference for teens who are active leaders in their schools to gain the tools to enrich their leadership skills though presentations, workshops and group interactions.

During YLS, middle school and high school teams of youth and adult leaders have the opportunity to enhance their leadership skills and create action plans that can make a difference in preventing drug use, suicide, and destructive behaviors in their schools and communities.  At YLS, youth can become empowered and equipped to be change agents in their schools and communities.

YLS provides workshops to motivate and train youth and school sponsors to serve as catalysts of positive change in their communities.  As a result of YLS, participants can improve their schools and communities, expand their leadership skills and meet other leaders from Johnson County.

Speakers and topics are different each year to remain relevant with current trends and needs.

YLS is an annual event coordinated by Prevention Services, a department of the Johnson County Mental Health Center and hosted by Cleveland University and funding through the Alcohol Tax Funds.

For general inquiries about Youth Leadership Summit, please contact Prevention Services at 913-715-7880.

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