Adult Services

Two adults in a therapy session

Johnson County Mental Health Center uses a strengths-based model of case management, which focuses on recognizing and utilizing the strengths of individuals. The purpose of case management in the strengths model is to assist people recovering and reclaiming their lives by identifying, securing, and sustaining the range of resources needed to live, work, and play as fully integrated citizens of the communities in which they live. 
The strengths model is based on a set of core principles that in part value the unique strengths and attributes of all individuals and view the community as a place of strength and resources. Strengths-based case management also holds that the primary setting for our work is in the community. 
Through a community-based approach, case managers can directly assist people to access helpful community resources, teach daily living skills in each person's living/working environment, as well as observe and assist people in learning coping skills and skills and social skills needed to develop healthy relationships within their communities.  
Adult Services may also include a variety of specialty services that help meet specific needs in a more comprehensive way. 

Adult services may also include ...


Individual and group counseling is focused is on offering short term interventions to resolve difficulties. A wide range of specialized interventions are utilized based in individual needs.

Peer Support Services 

Certified Peer Specialists are individuals who have advanced in their own recovery sufficiently to be of assistance to other mental health consumers. The goal of peer support is to aid individuals in their recovery and assist them in attaining the goal of living a fulfilling life in the community.

Vocational Services and Supported Education

The vocational team provides a wide range of employment and career development services, job development, on-site job coaching and educational support.

Forensic Services

Forensic Services offers therapy, case management, peer support, competency evaluations and other services for individuals who are a part of the criminal justice system.

Forensic Services Staff have close relationships with members of the corrections community such as Court Services, Veterans Treatment Court, Probation, the Adult Residential and Detention Centers, as well as Kansas Parole and several judges and attorneys.

Young Adult / Transition Services

Specialized services designed for young adults who have a serious mental illness or a severe emotional disturbance to successfully transition to adult life.

Individuals can contact Johnson County Mental Health Center’s Customer Care Center at 913-826-4200 for more information about services.

Crisis Recovery Center (CRC)

The Crisis Recovery Center is a six-bed unit that assists individuals safely through a psychiatric crisis in a non-medical setting. The CRC serves current Johnson County Mental Health Center clients. Referrals to the program are screened prior to admission to ensure appropriate placement.

Intensive Outpatient Program

The IOP program can help individuals experiencing mental health and substance use symptoms. It provides therapeutic support while helping individuals live, thrive and remain in the community using evidence-based treatment.

  • IOP is an 8-week commitment in a structured group environment beginning in April 2024*
  • The program operates three days per week for three hours each day
  • Clients will learn, practice and implement the change they want to see in their lives
  • *Individuals can start every Monday

Need more information?

Individuals can contact Johnson County Mental Health Center’s Customer Care Center at 913-826-4200 for more information about services.