About Mental Health

Johnson County Mental Health Center (JCMHC) was created by a resolution of the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) of Johnson County, Kansas on January 18th, 1962 and began providing outpatient services from one location on at the recommendation of the League of Women Voters under the provisions of the Community Mental Health Centers Act of 1961. Today, a full array of mental health services are provided at five facilities across the county. Operations are overseen by the BOCC and an appointed Advisory Board


JCMHC serves Johnson County residents living with a mental illness, including adults with a serious mental illness, children with a serious emotional disturbance, as well as individuals with a co-occurring substance abuse disorder. Additionally, services will be provided to those individuals who are experiencing acute psychological distress that may result in an intensive level of service, such as, hospitalization. 


JCMHC does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, age or disability status in employment or the provision of services. 

Our Mission

The Mission of Johnson County Mental Health Center is to improve the quality of life for Johnson County residents by providing comprehensive mental health services that are:

  • Of the highest possible quality
  • Driven by the needs of the person served
  • Provided in the least intrusive manner
  • Easily accessible to all residents
  • Provided in collaboration with community partners
  • Accountable to our community and the public trust through the efficient and effective use of resources

Our Vision

To Be a Higher Performing Organization By: 

  • Strengthening Our Financial Position
  • Advancing Quality Care with a Unified and Integrated Approach
  • Enhancing Client Satisfaction and Engagement
  • Building Stronger Community Partnerships
  • Capitalizing on Technology
  • Maximizing Data and Information
  • Improving Staff Satisfaction and Appreciation