Parents Forever

Parents with children walking across a street

Parents Forever is a required class for parents filing for new divorce or paternity actions. All three course levels will discuss the following:

  • Parenting plans
  • How dissolution of the family impacts children (and ways to address children's needs)
  • How domestic violence/intimate partner violence (IPV) impacts children (with resources for addressing DV/IPV)
  • Mediation & conciliation
  • Resources for parents


Parents Forever: Level 1

Parents Forever: Level 2

Parents Forever: Level 3

Additional Emphasis: Self-help opportunities within the legal process, checklist of items necessary for uncontested proceedings, etc. Additional Emphasis: As the anticipated ‘standard’ for average cases, this course will place equal emphasis on all topics. Additional Emphasis: Co-parenting strategies, conflict resolution, negotiation.
Length: 90 minutes Length: 3 hours (including breaks) Length: 6 hours (including breaks)


Filing for Divorce with Children in Johnson County, Kansas


You must enroll in the level specified on your court order.

If no level is specified, or if your order is dated prior to April 1, 2023, you should enroll in Parents Forever: Level 2. If you have questions regarding which level to enroll in, contact 913-715-7880 for assistance. If you have questions about why you have been ordered into a level, please contact your attorney or the court.


What if I need to leave early?

You will need to register and attend a later session.

Can my kids be with me?


Do I need to be on camera if I attend virtually?


Do I need to be in the same class as my co-parent?


How do I register?

Register and pay online.

How do I pay?

You can pay online at the time of registration, or you may select a pay later option and call 913-715-7880 to make your payment by phone. If paying by phone, please have your credit/debit card available.

Do I qualify for a reduced fee?

Email or call 913-715-7880 for further assistance. You will need to make the payment by phone if you qualify for a reduced fee. 

A class says registration is closed; can I attend?

No. You will need to register for a later option.

A class says this event is full, can I attend?

There is a waitlist option. You can register to be on the waitlist and will be notified in order of who signed up first if a spot becomes available. It is suggested you also register for a class with availability.

I enrolled and need to reschedule. What do I do? 

Use the same online registration process to enroll in another class. Do not pay again if you have already paid. Mark “already paid” during the registration process.

When will I receive the zoom link/address for class?

An email with details will be sent no less than two days prior to class.

Have additional questions?

Please contact Prevention Services at 913-715-7880 or