Standard Details

All Johnson County Wastewater (JCW) published standard details, compiled in one location for your convenience. Please note, we update our standard details on a regular basis, so check back often to ensure you have the most recently published version.

Sanitary Sewers

Detail Number Description Typical Nontypical1 Standard Detail
JCW-00 Sanitary Sewer Standard Details X   PDF
JCW-01 Manhole Doghouse Detail   X PDF
JCW-02 Retaining Wall Detail   X PDF
JCW-03 Manhole Abandonment Detail   X PDF
JCW-04 Inside Drop Bowl Detail   X PDF
JCW-05 Manhole in Paved Area Detail   X PDF
JCW-06 Outside Drop to Inside Drop Bowl Conversion Detail   X PDF
JCW-12 Saddle Connection to VCP Main Detail   X PDF
JCW-14 Tee Connection to Existing Pipe Detail   X PDF
JCW-15 Brick Manhole Connection Detail   X PDF
JCW-16 Standard Cleanout Detail X   PDF
JCW-17 Cleanout in Pavement Detail   X PDF
JCW-18 Manhole Wall Improvement Detail   X PDF
JCW-19 Tee Cap-Off Detail   X PDF
JCW-20 Manhole Cap-Off Detail   X PDF
JCW-21 Two-Way Cleanout Detail   X PDF
JCW-22 Benched Invert Detail   X PDF
JCW-23 Brick Manhole Top Rebuild Detail   X PDF

All nontypical details require JCW approval prior to use.

Grease Interceptors

Manufacturer Description/Model Number Type Capacity (gal) Material Standard Detail
N/A JCW Grease Interceptor or Sand-Oil Interceptor Gravity 1000, 1500, 2000 Concrete PDF
Zurn Proceptor GMC UPC Gravity 1500 Fiberglass PDF
Schier GB-500 Hydromechanical 500 Polyethylene PDF
Schier GB-1000 Hydromechanical 1000 Polyethylene PDF


Sand/Oil Interceptors

Manufacturer Description/Model Number Capacity (gal) Material Standard Detail
N/A JCW Grease Interceptor or Sand-Oil Interceptor 1000, 1500, 2000 Concrete PDF
Striem OS-50-108-JCW 50 Polyethylene PDF
Striem OS-75-113-JCW 75 Polyethylene PDF
Striem OS-100-139-JCW 100 Polyethylene PDF
Striem OT-500-JCW 500 Polyethylene PDF
Striem OT-750-JCW 750 Polyethylene PDF
Striem OT-1000-JCW 1000 Polyethylene PDF
Striem OT-1500-JCW 1500 Polyethylene PDF


Orifice Manholes

Detail Number Description Material Standard Detail
JCW-24 Orifice Manhole Concrete PDF