Publicly Financed Sewer Main Development

If you picture the public sewer system as a tree, the publicly financed sewer mains are the trunks and large branches.  These are the larger diameter sewer mains that serve sub-watersheds within one of the many primary watersheds in JCW's service area.  Publicly financed sewer mains do not serve every parcel of land within a watershed, but provide the backbone of the sewer system.  Branch lines which extend from these publicly financed sewers mains are privately financed by the property owners.  Publicly financed sewer main projects can be initiated by JCW, cities, developers, or property owners.

Petitioned Projects

Where Required

The traditional method for enlarging Johnson County Wastewater’s sewer service area is to petition to add the described land to the Consolidated Main Sewer District (CMSD).  If the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) approves the enlargement, JCW staff will manage the project and the cost of the project will be paid by the CMSD.


Any property owner interested in joining the JCW service area may submit a Request for Information Meeting.  Upon receipt of three meeting requests, JCW will determine the study area which would be served by a proposed system of sewers, and will make a preliminary determination of the necessary sewerage facilities and costs to serve the study area.

Request for Information Meeting

Please contact our Planning and Public Projects group prior to completing and submitting the form. 



Capital Charges

The capital charges are paid to the CMSD, and help the CMSD fund capital projects including the petitioned project.  Additional revenues are collected by the CMSD at the time a permit is issued for a building to connect to the sanitary sewer system.  Permits will not be issued until the necessary sewerage facilities have been completed.

For enlargements approved prior to August 25th of any given year, inclusion of the annual System Availability Charge (SAC) will begin on that year’s November tax bill.  Districts enlarged after August 25th will be assessed SACs in the following tax year.  All properties within the enlargement area will be subject to the annual SAC at rates determined each year by the BOCC.  Owners of agricultural or properties with an occupied residence who did not sign the petition may apply for and may be eligible for deferment of the SAC.

User Charges

A user charge based on water use and sewage strength is charged for buildings connected to JCW sewers.  The user charge is billed bi-monthly for homes and monthly for commercial buildings.  Once properties are connected, the capital charge will move from the tax bill to the user charge bill and charges on the tax bill will cease.

Contract District Projects

Where Required

Should the traditional petitioning process not generate enough property owner interest, a contract district may be formed by a property owner within the study area.  In forming a contract district, the property owner or developer must enter into a contract with the Johnson County Board of Commissioners (BOCC), agreeing to cost sharing with the Consolidated Main Sewer District (CMSD).

If the contract district is approved by the BOCC, design and construction of the required main facilities may begin.  The contract district will include construction of the same facilities located on the property owner's land which would have been constructed by the CMSD under the traditional petitioning process.  In addition, it will include construction of all downstream facilities necessary to obtain sewer service as determined by JCW’s New Development Engineering staff.


Before a contract district may be formed, an information meeting and postcard survey must be held as described under the Petitioned Projects section.


Project funding will be obtained by one of the following cost-sharing options.  The CMSD portion of each cost-sharing option will be funded by the capital and user charges described under the Petitioned Projects section.  These charges will be applied to all land in the contract district.

Developer Managed Projects

The developer or property owner manages and funds the project.  The developer's engineer will obtain competitive bids to select a construction contractor for the project.  The CMSD will reimburse the developer up to 90% of eligible costs without interest during the first five years after project completion, up to 80% for five to 10 years, up to 70% for 10 to 15 years, and no further reimbursement after 15 years. 

Reimbursement is based on 50% of the capital revenues received from properties within the boundaries of the contract district and from any additional properties which use the facilities constructed by the contract district.  Those revenues include the capital charges and connection fees.  Reimbursement is issued annually, in April, for the preceding calendar year.

JCW Managed Projects

JCW manages the project and the developer or property owner pays 10% of the estimated project cost prior to the time that the contract district is formed.  At the end of the project, costs are certified and the 10% share will be adjusted by additional charge or refund, as appropriate.  The BOCC and JCW reserve the right to deny this option, if projected revenues are not expected to pay a sufficient share of the 20-year debt service needed for the project.

City Partnership Projects

A city may contract with JCW to form a partnership.  JCW manages the project and the city prepays 50% of the estimated project cost.  The city may receive up to 100 percent reimbursement of its 50% share without interest.  Reimbursement is 50% of any capital revenues received from any properties using the facilities, except the property in the original contract district area.

Public Meetings

All publicly financed sewer main project meetings are open to the general public.  Information meetings, public hearings, and apportionment hearings are posted at least two weeks in advance.  For a list of all upcoming public meetings, please visit our Meetings and Events webpage.


Automated Information Mapping System (AIMS)


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