Privately Financed Sewer Main Development

If you picture the public sewer system as a tree, the privately financed sewer mains are the individual limbs that connect to the large branches.  These are smaller diameter sewer mains that serve individual lots within our service area.  Privately financed sewer mains are engineered and constructed by developers.  Our sewer main development team reviews plans and inspects construction to ensure compliance with our regulations.

Privately Financed Sewer Main Projects

Where Required

Privately financed sanitary sewer main projects are required for public sewer extensions, relocations, removals, in-place-abandonments, and/or replat projects within Johnson County Wastewater's (JCW) service area.


Applications shall be submitted through My Government Online (MGO).  The following items are required:

Application Type(s):

  • JCW Sewer Main Project Application

Application Requirements:

  • Plan Set
  • Design Flow Calculations
  • Draft Plat
  • Contact information (business name, first and last name, address, phone number, and email address) for the following:
    • Applicant
    • Developer
    • Design Engineer
  • Supplemental items, dependent upon project scope:
    • District Enlargement Exhibit
    • In-Place Abandonment Exhibit

Upon acceptance of the application, please allow up to 14 calendar days to receive initial review comments and up to 7 calendar days to receive comments for each subsequent submittal.  Submittals are reviewed as quickly as possible in the order in which they are received.  You may track the status of your project through My Government Online (MGO).


Fees are applied during the 1st submittal review and are required to be paid prior to submitting the 2nd submittal.  Fees may be paid through My Government Online (MGO) or in-person at our office.  The following fees may apply:

Type Amount Description
Project Administration Fee (PAF) $1,345 + ($30 x each 100 ft run) Applies to all projects.  The minimum fee ($1,345) includes 100 ft. of pipe.  Projects that exceed 100 ft. in length are charged $30 for each additional 100 ft. run of pipe.  Total length is determined by rounding up to the next 100 ft. interval.
City Fee $126 Applies to all projects within the City limits of Gardner, Leawood, Lenexa, and Olathe.
District Enlargement Fee $100 Applies to all projects that require a District Enlargement.  Charged per each separately owned parcel included in the project, up to $300.



Developer Bond Option

A three-year Bond Option is required from the site developer to ensure the repair of any Johnson County Wastewater (JCW) at-grade structures damaged by site improvements and/or development-related activities.  The developer is required to repair damages to any at-grade structures (or damages to the main or service stub resulting from at-grade structure damage) or adjust at-grade structures to match finish grade during development of the project.  Should the developer fail to correct damages within 30 days of notification, JCW will collect the entire amount of the funds secured by the Bond Option or, if applicable, contact the Bond Company, for the correction work.

The developer must provide the three year Bond Option in one of the following formats:

  • Developer Agreement - secured by a cashier’s check issued to JCW
  • Escrow Agreement - obtained through a financial institution
  • Irrevocable Letter of Credit - obtained through a financial institution
  • Developer Bond - obtained through a bonding company

The Developer Bond Option amount is calculated at $300 per manhole (minimum $900.00 bond) in the area affected by the development. The number of manholes will be identified by JCW and reflected in the Bond Option document.

Contractor Maintenance Bond

The sewer main contractor is required to provide a three-year maintenance bond as a condition of continued listing on the JCW Contractor List. The contractor is required to guarantee the installation, including all material and workmanship, for a period of three years.

The amount of the maintenance bond is 50% of the sanitary sewer contract amount as certified by the engineering firm sealing the sanitary sewer construction plans.

Contractor List

The sanitary sewer contractor for each privately financed sewer main project shall be listed on JCW's Contractor List for Privately Financed Sewer Mains.  Contractors who are not on the list may submit a completed Contractor Listing Questionnaire for departmental consideration.


Automated Information Mapping System (AIMS)


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Standard Details

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