Entrance Permit

County gravel road

Entrances to private property require work to be completed within County road allowances (i.e. on County property).

Johnson County requires property owners, in the unincorporated area, to obtain an entrance permit prior to installing a new driveway entrance, removal and replacement of an existing entrance, or a temporary construction entrance.

Any unauthorized entrance or an entrance that has been constructed improperly can be removed by Johnson County Public Works. It is a code violation to install a new driveway without a permit and fines may be imposed.

Permit Process

Application: Printed packets are also available at the Johnson County Public Works office.

Permit Fee: $75 payable by cash or check; checks should be made out to Johnson County Public Works.

Filing the Application: Mail or deliver the completed application, along with payment, to Johnson County Public Works, 1800 W. Old Highway 56, Olathe, Kansas 66061.

Review of the Application: Upon receipt of the application, staff will review the proposed entrance to assure conformance with all applicable requirements. Applicants should stake the location of the requested entrance within one day of filing the application. Proposed entrance locations will be checked for required sight distance, distances from intersections and adjacent entrances, required frontage for number of entrances on the property and for adequate roadside drainage capacity.

Upon completion of review, the permit can be picked up by the applicant from Public Works or returned to the owner or contractor at the address provided on the application.

Entrance Permit Packet


Due to the likeliness of damage to the entrance during the construction of homes and businesses, there are two required inspections. Public Works will attempt to inspect the work while it is in progress in an effort to avoid costly repairs or reconstruction. Notify Public Works at least two days in advance of installing the entrance.

Initial Inspection: When culvert installation is part of the entrance permit, the initial inspection is performed after the culvert is installed. This inspection is to ensure proper location, workmanship, materials, elevation and drainage. To schedule this inspection, the applicant must notify Public Works when the entrance is constructed. If no building construction is anticipated in the near future, this will be the final inspection.

Final Inspection: If the entrance permit is issued in association with a building permit, prior to the request for final occupancy by Building Codes, the applicant must request a final inspection for the entrance installation. The final inspection will check for damage to the culvert and driveway surface, removal of all construction debris and the establishment of vegetation in all disturbed areas.

All corrective actions are the responsibility of the applicant and must be completed prior to final acceptance of the entrance. Upon acceptance, Public Works will provide Building Codes a copy of the approved permit. To avoid any potential delays in the issuance of the occupancy permit, please schedule the final entrance inspection far enough in advance to provide adequate time for any possible corrections or repairs needed for the entrance before the final inspection of the building.