Transport Large Structures

Oversized load on gravel road

A permit to transport large structures is required for traveling on roads maintained by Johnson County. 

Permit Instructions

  • Notify Johnson County Public Works the day before the move at 913-715-8300.
  • The permit shall be carried in the moving vehicle and shall be available for inspection.
  • Mover is responsible for traffic control and damage to public and private property. All signs moved in order to clear wide loads should be reset immediately after passage of the load. Any trees or limbs cut to allow passage of load shall be disposed of.
  • Johnson County elected to follow the regulations used by the Secretary of Transportation for excessive size and weights of vehicles and loads on state highway.
  • Mover should notify the County immediately after completion. We will inspect the route and repair any damage caused by the move that was not repaired. Costs will be paid by the mover.
  • The cost of repairs to County property will be totaled and an itemized bill will be sent to the mover. If cost of repairs is less than deposit, the mover will have 15 days to pay or forfeit the deposit. If amount exceeds deposit, the mover and insurance company will be billed the balance.
  • All moves are to be made during good weather and road conditions, and not to be scheduled during morning and evening peak traffic periods.
  • No structures may remain overnight on County right-of-way. In case of mechanical breakdown, the structure shall be moved off the road.

Transport Large Structure Application