Stormwater Treatment Facility

A Stormwater Facility can be a structural or non-structural feature used to reduce Stormwater Runoff and non-point source Pollution.

A non-structural Stormwater Treatment Facility includes, but is not limited to, stream buffers, native soil restoration and native vegetation preservation. A structural Stormwater Treatment Facility includes, but is not limited to, wetlands, wet or dry detention basins, bio-retention cells, porous pavement and infiltration basins. Both non-structural and structural Stormwater Treatment Facilities require routine maintenance and annual inspections for the life of the project.

A Stormwater Treatment Facility Permit is required by the County for development on any site, within the unincorporated area of Johnson County, subject to the ‘Post-Construction Stormwater Quality Treatment Regulations’. The initial permit fee is $250.00, payable to Johnson County Public Works. In addition, applicants are required to post a Performance Surety in the amount of 1.25 times the Applicants firm bid identifying the total contracted cost for installing the required Stormwater Treatment Facility. A Maintenance Surety in the amount of 50% of the construction cost is also required and shall remain in effect for a period of three (3) years following the completion of a Stormwater Treatment Facility.