Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic

What is a CCBHC?

What is a Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic?

CCBHCs represent an opportunity for states to improve the behavioral health of their citizens by:

  • Providing community-based mental health and substance use disorder services.
  • Advancing integration of behavioral health with physical health care.
  • Integrating and utilizing evidence-based practices on a more consistent basis.
  • Promoting improved access to high-quality care.

Core Services Provided

Crisis mental health services  

Screening, assessment and diagnosis

  • Physical Health
  • Depression
  • Substance Use and Tobacco

Outpatient clinic primary care screening and monitoring

Targeted case management

Psychiatric rehabilitation services

Peer support, counseling and family support

Intensive mental health care for those in the military and veterans

How will CCBHC programs enhance services?

Although the CCBHC program and Prospective Payment System are designed to work within the scope of state Medicaid plans and to apply specifically to individuals who are Medicaid enrollees, the statute also requires the CCBHCs not to refuse service to any individual on the basis of:

  • Ability to pay
  • Place of residence