Strategic Plan

The strategies Strategy Investment Teams will carry forward

Strengthening Staff Empowerment and Engagement

  • Self-care, Just Do It 
  • Scheduling regular QII
  • Celebrate staff successes
  • Create more QII and self-care opportunities
  • Give staff the skills to juggle the multiple tasks required of them
  • Strategize on maintaining and building relationships
  • PBS with staff

Solidifying Internal Communication

  • Timely transparency of changes
  • Consistent information sharing
  • Weekly communication digest
  • Need a communication Team (internal/external)
  • Share client successes

Enhancing Community Partnerships

  • Enhance community partnerships and feedback loop
  • MOU’s: Formalize relationships
  • Community Liaison (new position)
  • Host provider forum
  • Proactively seek partners, Develop plan
  • Identify stakeholders, community partners (who, what, when, why, where, how)

Optimizing Client Care

Simplifying Access to Services

  • Consistent application of level of care
  • Integrate SUD and mental health
  • Determine clinician role moving forward
  • Streamlining the psychiatric intake and med program note
  • Streamline processes

Formalizing Agency Processes

  • Extending hours based on needs
  • Prioritize “honey do” list, identify list
  • Make filed mentoring a priority
  • Audit – identify what to start doing, stop doing and do differently Utilize HIT for identification of providers
  • Increase utilization of tools we already have, MyRC, Rapper, SharePoint, KHIN
  • Prioritize job duties for all positions
  • Develop/document procedures and be able to find them quickly 
  • Simplify internal processes: admission, referral and discharge
  • Develop consistent processes across locations

Strengthening Staff Development

  • Institute multi-disciplinary staffing, i.e. Zoom
  • Cross-training/shadowing across programs (attend team meetings) Development and training in SharePoint
  • Develop consistent orientation/training plan
  • Training committee/champions
  • Cadre of trainers (internal/external)
  • SharePoint training calendar
  • Use screening tools – expand across disciplines
  • Enhancing knowledge of specialty services we offer
  • Concrete Avatar training
  • Timely and quality documentation
  • Capitalize on internal talent
  • Build a comprehensive training plan
  • Keep moving with performance measures