About Health & Environment

The Johnson County Health Department was established in 1943 and began with a Health Officer on loan from the United States Public Health Service and five employees to serve Johnson County’s population of 33,327.

Today, the Johnson County Department of Health and Environment consists of nine divisions (Business Operations, Childcare Licensing, Community Health, Environmental Health, Epidemiology, Health Services, Office of the Medical Director for Emergency Medical Services, Organizational Development, and the Medical Examiner’s Office) with approximately 170 staff in six locations and serves a population of over 600,000. 

The Johnson County Board of County Commissioners serves as the Board of Health for JCDHE. The Public Health Leadership Council, formed in July 2022, consists of community partners who assist JCDHE in promoting equity and a culture of health in Johnson County.

The department received accreditation from the Public Health Accreditation Board in 2014 and was reaccredited in 2021.

Our Vision

A trusted partner working to develop more equitable conditions across Johnson County so all can lead healthier lives.

Our Mission

To promote and protect the health and environment for all who live, work and play in our community.

Our Values

  • Equity
  • Resilience
  • Empathy
  • Exemplary Customer Service

What is Public Health

Ultimately, the job of public health is to improve the quality of life among the communities they serve. The work of public health is focused on prevention, and JCDHE does this through education; promotion of health and well-being; detecting, preventing, and responding to infectious diseases; and collaborating with our community and partners to improve health.  

Public Health Protects Everyone. Every. Day.

The 10 Essential Public Health Services and Public Health 3.0  act as roadmaps for public health to protect and promote the health of everyone in our community regardless of race, national origin, religion, sexual orientation or gender identity, age or disability status.