Businesses, Churches and Schools

Qualifying businesses and organizations such as churches, schools, government agencies and non-profit groups, can utilize our Small Quantity Generator disposal program as a cost-effective way to get rid of paint and hazardous chemicals. This voluntary and fee-based program is available to Johnson County businesses and organizations who meet the qualifications established by the Kansas Department of Health and Environment.

For assistance, contact one of our Hazardous Waste Technicians by calling 913-715-6982.

If you are already registered as a generator, schedule your drop-off.

We can only accept generators who generate 55 lbs or less of hazardous materials in a calendar month. If you generate more than that, you can contact the Kansas Small Business Environmental Assistance Program by email or by calling 1-800-578-8898 for confidential, non-regulatory disposal assistance.

Small Quantity Hazardous Waste Generator Application