Updated Guidance on Masking at JCDS

Thursday - Jul. 22, 2021

Women putting facemask on.

Yesterday, we heard from two of our fellow Kansas providers that they have experienced outbreaks of 10+ people, including both vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals. Those testing positive have consisted of agency staff and people who receive services. Symptoms have ranged from mild “cold-like symptoms” to more severe symptoms requiring hospitalization.

To mitigate the increase in COVID cases and risks associated with the Delta variant, we have decided to make immediate changes to our mask protocols. As of Monday, July 26, masks will be required in JCDS program areas all for staff, visitors and people who receive services, regardless of vaccination status. If someone receiving services is not able to tolerate or wear a mask, we will continue to support them as best we can to keep them and others as safe as possible.

For supported work sites, Project SEARCH and competitive employment, we will continue to follow the guidance established by that business location. Masks are not required in our residential locations as housemates are considered a “family unit.” However, staff and visitors in all residential locations will be required to wear masks.

We will continue with our cleaning protocols and encouraging diligent hand hygiene for all. We are also encouraging staff, individuals, and families to plan activities that allow for physical distancing and avoid large crowds.

As always, as the pandemic changes, guidance may be further updated to reflect best practices. If you have questions, please feel free to reach out to me at shelly.may@jocogov.org or 913-826-2633. Thank you!

Shelly May
Deputy Director

Vaccinations are not required for JCDS employees or for individuals to receive services. Vaccination status is protected health information and will not be shared. Please do not assume vaccination status or request this information of people who receive JCDS services or their staff.