Updated Guidance for Masking and Physical Distancing at JCDS

Wednesday - May. 19, 2021

In keeping with national and local COVID guidance, JCDS is updating our mask and physical distancing protocols for people who have been vaccinated.  

Effective immediately, individuals who receive services from JCDS are no longer required to wear a face mask or physically distance if they have been vaccinated. Requirements for face masks and physically distancing are still in place for individuals who have not been vaccinated. The exception is residential services where housemates are considered a “family unit” and masks are not required in their own home, regardless of vaccination status.

JCDS staff who have been fully vaccinated are no longer required to wear face masks or physically distance, unless they are working directly with individuals who receive services or entering a program area where services are provided. Visitors are still required to wear masks and physically distance when visiting program areas. This includes both day/employment and residential services. Mask usage in program service areas for JCDS staff will continue through June 30. This time frame allows an opportunity for those who have not been vaccinated to evaluate and move forward with vaccination if they choose.  

Vaccinations are not required for JCDS employees or for individuals to receive services. Vaccination status is protected health information and will not be shared. People who have been fully vaccinated may choose to continue to wear a mask. Please do not assume vaccination status or request this information of people who receive JCDS services or their staff.  

We will continue with our cleaning protocols and encouraging diligent hand hygiene for all. If you have questions, please feel free to reach out to email me or call 913-826-2633. Thank you!

Shelly May
Deputy Director