House Arrest

The House Arrest Department is located within the Adult Residential Center and operates on a 24-hour bases but House Arrest Officers are only available 5 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Friday. House Arrest Officers are available on the weekends for direct sentences/post-imprisonment sentences being released from jail and ordered to the program. Those clients need to have transportation and report immediately from the jail.

House Arrest involves a philosophy of strictly limiting an offender’s movements within the community through electronic monitoring while using cognitive based intervention techniques to promote behavior change within the client’s served.

The court can order several variations of our program. Note: The Electronic Monitoring is equivalent to traditional House Arrest Services. A client ordered to Electronic Monitoring is assessed at intake and assigned monitoring equipment based on the court's orders, the details of the case, violations, or probation officer's request.

If the court orders GPS Monitoring, the client will be on GPS tracking without a restricted schedule, but exclusion zones will remain intact, the client cannot move residences without permission, and the client cannot travel outside the 10-county area without permission.

Clients can be assigned an array of equipment that may include: an ankle bracelet for proximity or GPS tracking, a remote breath testing unit (alcohol monitoring, and photographic facial recognition), or a CAM device (ankle bracelet with transdermal testing capabilities). The House Arrest Department has several possible variations of equipment that could be used.

All equipment has cellular capabilities and all clients have to have their own cell phone for communication purposes and some gear sends text messages that will require the cell phone as well. 

COVID-19 Announcement

Due to COVID-19, whether you need to report for intake or no release from the program, please call to make an appointment. Do not just show up. Thank you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is needed to start House Arrest?

Clients must have a working cell phone. This is to maintain a way for House Arrest Officers to communicate with clients, not just for the operation of equipment. The cell phone cannot be Wi-Fi only or text now. If placed on a Remote Breath Unit, a cell phone is required to received test alerts. Clients must have a stable residence and keep their utilities on as gear will need electricity to charge. Long term hotel/motel stays can be approved on a case-by-case basis.

Can a client live outside the 10-county metro area or in other states?

This can be approved by a case-by-case basis or the sanctioning probation officer. Understand that anyone on probation or in probation revocation status will have to meet the requirements for interstate compact in order to live outside of Kanas. This is a federal statute that must be followed. 

Is transportation needed from the jail and from HA?

Bonds involving a bondsman will be transported by the bondsman. PIS, Direc Sentences, PR and ORCD as well as Traffic Court Sentences, have to have a ride secured from the jail to the House Arrest Office. You are responsible for your travel from the House Arrest Office to your home.

Can I work while on House Arrest?

Yes, but you must sign a Release of Information and provide your officer with paystubs and/or time sheets as verification of hours worked.

How much does House Arrest cost?

For short-term clients (10 days or less, and those sentenced to 240 hours or less) the fee is $140, this must be paid at the time of intake or the client will be denied until payment is made. For long-term clients (11 days or more), the daily fee may range from $8/day to $14/day depending upon the program assigned.  

Note that clients are also responsible for the charges due to Urinalysis ($19) and any damage that occurs to the equipment. Failure to return equipment will result in being charged for the full cost of replacing the pieces not returned as well as staff filing felony theft charges with the District Attorney’s Office. House Arrest payments can only be made by money order or credit card (online).  

A payment plan can be established upon completion of the program. Note that failure to make payments will result in the balance being sent to the Kansas State Set-Off program.  

Unpaid past balances may result in future denial to the program or delay the bonding process until the balances are addressed or some effort is made towards what is owed.  

Or call Teresa Markos at 913-715-7225 or by e-mail

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