Municipal/Courtesy Cases

Please note:

Johnson County House Arrest no longer provides services for municipal cases unless they are an appeal, or the client also has a district case ordered to the program at that same time. 

Courtesy Cases

In order to be accepted for the program: 

  • These will be approved on a case-by-case basis and is dependent upon the current house arrest capacity. 
  • The client must not have an outstanding balance with Community Corrections/House Arrest Program. 
  • The client must have a personal cell phone that can receive/make calls and texts and have voicemail set-up. 
  • And the client must have a stable address in which to reside while on House Arrest. 
  • Note: if an interstate-compact is required, that must be processed and approved before services can be provided. 

Clients ordered to complete 10 days or 240 hours or less are considered short term and will owe a flat fee of $140 at intake. Payments are only accepted in the form of a money order or credit card payment online.

Any client ordered to 11 days or more will be charged House Arrest fees from $11/day to $14/day depending upon the assigned program or program ordered. Any urinalysis testing done at the House Arrest Office is $17. The client is responsible for these charges as they accumulate and failure to make payments may result in violation.  

If the client cannot pay fees in full upon completion of the program, a payment plan can be completed. If the client fails to make payments, outstanding fees will be sent to the Kansas State Set-off Program.  Understand that should a client need to utilize the House Arrest Program again in the future, outstanding fees will have to be addressed in order to be accepted back on the program.