District Cases (Including Traffic Cases)

Clients ordered to House Arrest due to a Johnson County District Case will be directed to report straight from court, or the jail will notify House Arrest when the client can be signed for and picked up. House Arrest supervises bond cases, direct sentences, confinement time for DUI cases, and internal sanctions.

Clients ordered to complete 10 days or 240 hours or less are considered short term and will owe a flat fee of $140. Payments are only accepted in the form of a money order or by credit card online.  There is a processing fee for credit card payments online. 

Any client ordered to 11 days or more will be charged House Arrest fees ranging from $8/day to $14/day, depending upon the program ordered and $19 for any urinalysis submitted at the lab or at the office. The client is responsible for these charges as they accumulate, and failure to make payments may result in a violation.