Bond Information Needed

The following information is needed when calling to get Bond approved: 

  • Who is the bondsman? Or is the client paying cash? Is it a pr (personal recognizance) bond? Or is it orcd ($250 deposit)
  • We will need to verify the client’s address he/she wishes to reside while on the program.
  • Client needs an active cell phone and we need to be able to verify where the client is
    • Phones cannot be borrowed until the client gets a new one
    • Phones have to be activated prior to approval for release from jail. 
    • Phones must be fully operation with text and call capabilities
    • Phones cannot be just WiFi or text now, or google numbers
  • An emergency contact name and number, preferably someone living in the home with the client. 
  • The client will have to address any previous fees owed.  
  • Any outstanding monitoring equipment has to be returned before approval will be granted.  
  • Pay attention to no contacts issued by the court, victims cannot be involved in the bonding process and victims will be contacted to set up exclusion areas.  
  • Clients can be approved to live out of state but it’s a case-by-case basis and interstate compact guidelines have to be followed.  
    • If a client is approved for an out of state address or address outside the metro, proof of a travel plan must be provided.