Public Safety

Increasing and maintaining public safety is the primary objective of House Arrest and is considered paramount. We achieve this objective by: 

  • Monitoring and documenting the offender's whereabouts at all times. 
  • Routinely and frequently testing offenders for drug and alcohol use. 
  • Dealing with violations of House Arrest or noncompliant behavior immediately. 

Responses to violations of House Arrest or noncompliant behavior can include: 

  • A loss of privileges
  • Restriction to the residence
  • A motion to revoke probation
  • The issuance of an arrest warrant
  • Immediate placement into custody. 

House Arrest works closely with local law enforcement agencies, county and municipal prosecutors, and the District Attorney's office.

Local law enforcement agencies are routinely called upon to conduct residence checks of offender's homes, to ensure compliance with House Arrest. These agencies are also utilized to provide investigatory, arrest, and detention services, when deemed appropriate.

The House Arrest Department communicates case issues and incidents of noncompliance with municipal prosecutors and the District Attorney's Office to determine case action or appropriate response to offender behavior.