Demolition Permit

A building permit is required for demolition of all structures within Johnson County unincorporated area.

1. Search Address

Yellow machine excavating materials

Before you apply for a permit, make sure the address for your project is in the ‘unincorporated’ Johnson County area. Enter an address or KUPN number in the location search box provided. If the address returns with ‘Unincorporated Area’ then you can proceed with the permit application process. If your search returns with a ‘City’ name, then use the contact information provide to contact your city planning department.

2. Permit Process

Applying for a permit

Johnson County Building Codes uses MyGovernmentOnline to apply and generate building permits. With MyGovernmentOnline, anything you can do in-person at your local office you can do online. Examples include applying for permits, payments online, request for inspection, submitting files, download inspection reports, approved plans, check status of a permit, download permit data, and search for permits.

  1. Don’t have a MyGovernmentOnline account? You can view the instructional guide here and create one here.
  2. If you already have an account, then login here to start the permit process.

Required documents

  1. Demolition Permit Application
  2. Site Plan - A site plan must be uploaded, to scale the size and location of new construction, existing structures, existing septic tank and laterals on the site, distances from lot lines, the established street grades and the proposed finished grades; and it shall be drawn in accordance with an accurate boundary line survey.
  3. Land Disturbance Certification
  4. Owners permission
  5. Asbestos Review *** State Law requires Asbestos review for commercial demolition projects. Contact Phil Schlaman,; Unit Chief, Performance Testing and Asbestos Control, KDHE, 785-296-1549
  6. Proof of Disconnects for the following:
    1. Septic Systems, Johnson County Environmental department at 913-715-6900 or sewer systems, contact Johnson County Wastewater at 913-715-8500
    2. Electric Service
    3. Gas Service
    4. Water Service

Required inspections (if applicable)

An inspection will not be done without approved plans on the job site.

The notice time of ½ day is required for scheduling inspections. 

  • Pre-Demo, to confirm disconnects
  • Final Demo, to confirm removal of all materials and grading has taken place


  • Expiration of permit. This permit will expire in 180 days. 
  • Pedestrian protection. The work of demolishing any building shall not be commenced until pedestrian protection is in place as required see the IBC, Section 3306. 
  • Means of egress. A party wall balcony or horizontal exit shall not be destroyed unless and until a substitute means of egress has been provided and approved. 
  • Vacant Lot. Where a structure has been demolished or removed, the vacant lot shall be filled and maintained to the existing grade or in accordance with the ordinances of the jurisdiction have authority. 
  • Water accumulation. Provisions shall be made to prevent the accumulation of water or damage to any foundations on the premises or the adjoining property. 
  • Buildings being demolished. Where a building is being demolished and a standpipe is existing within such a building, such standpipe shall be maintained in an operable condition so as to be available for use by the fire department. Such standpipe shall be demolished with the building but shall not be demolished more than one floor below the floor being demolished.