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Human Resources

Phone: 913-715-1400">913-715-1400

111 S. Cherry St., Suite 2600, Olathe, KS 66061

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Job Descriptions

Below is a listing of classified jobs within the county.  Human Resources is working on updating job descriptions and will add descriptions for other job groupings as they are updated.

Administrative Support I Administrative Supervisor I Customer Service I  
Administrative Support II Administrative Supervisor II Customer Service II   
Administrative Support III      
Administrative Support IV      
Legal Support I Accounting Support I Billing Clerk I  
Legal Support II Accounting Support II Billing Clerk II  
Legal Support Supervisor Accounting Support III Billing Clerk III  
Human Resources Assistant Clerk I Payroll Support I  
Human Resources Administrative Assistant Clerk II Payroll Support II  
  Clerk III    
Operations Support I      
Benefits & Wellness Specialist Vendor Master Safety Officer  
Benefits Administrator      
  Volunteer Coordinator I    
Training I Volunteer Coordinator II    
Training II      
Training III      
Information Technology      
Coming soon!      
Direct Care      
Support Provider I Service Coordinator I (licensed) Clinician I  
Support Provider II Service Coordinator I Clinician II  
Support Provider III Service Coordinator II Clinician III  
Nurse Assistant Disease Investigator Medical Technologist  
Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) Community Info. Coordinator I Dietitian  
Registered Nurse(RN) Community Info. Coordinator II Epidemiologist I  
Adv. Practice Reg. Nurse (APRN)   Epidemiologist II  
Mid-Level Practitioner      
Commercial Appraiser I Residential Appraiser I Personal Property Appraiser I  
Commercial Appraiser II Residential Appraiser II Personal Property Lead Worker  
Commercial BOTA Specialist Residential BOTA Specialist Personal Property Manager  
Commercial Supervisor Residential Valuation Manager Personal Property Supervisor  
Commercial Real Estate BOTA Supervisor      
Commercial Real Estate Special Project Analyst Tax Abatement Coordinator I    
Commercial Real Estate Valuation Manager Tax Abatement Coordinator II    
Assistant County Appraiser District Appraiser Regional Coordinator  
Senior Regional Coordinator      
Assistant District Attorney I Section Chief Assistant County Counselor  
Assistant District Attorney II Senior Attorney    
Assistant District Attorney III      
Master District Attorney Chief Deputy District Attorney    
Public Safety      
Paramedic Captain Division Chief  
Lieutenant Battalion Chief    
Dispatcher IA Communication Services Manager Security Guard  
Dispatcher IB Communication Operations Manager Transportation Officer  
Dispatch Supervisor   EMS Stock Clerk  
Corrections Officer I Juvenile Intake Officer I Adult Intake Officer I  
Corrections Officer IA Juvenile Intake Officer II Adult Intake Officer II  
Corrections Officer II Juvenile Intake Supervisor    
Corrections Supervisor I   Diversion Specialist  
Corrections Supervisor II Case Manager I Employment Specialist  
  Case Manager IA    
Treatment Coordinator Case Management Supervisor Mediator  
    Staff Fidelity Specialist  
Investigator I Criminal Investigator I Advocate  
Investigator II Criminal Investigator II    
Investigator III Criminal Investigator III Skills Facilitator  
Chief Investigator   Skills Facilitator Supervisor  
Compliance Specialist I Environmental Technologist I Environmental Technician I  
Compliance Specialist II Environmental Technologist II Environmental Technician II  
Compliance Specialist III Environmental Technologist Supervisor I    
Compliance Supervisor Environmental Technologist Supervisor II    
Road Maintenance Trainee Bridge Crew Trainee Engineering Technician I  
Road Maintenance Worker I Bridge Crew Specialist Engineering Technician II  
Road Maintenance Worker II Bridge Crew Leader Engineering Technician III  
Road Maintenance Crew Leader Bridge Crew Foreman    
Road Maintenance Crew Foreman   Sign Technician  
Custodian I Maintenance Mechanic I Maintenance Specialist I  
Custodian II Maintenance Mechanic II Maintenance Specialist II  
Custodian III Maintenance Mechanic III Maintenance Coordinator  
Custodian Supervisor      
  Groundskeeper I Courier  
Fleet Service Technician I Groundskeeper II Inventory Technician  
Fleet Service Technician II Groundskeeper Supervisor Warehouse Coordinator  
Fleet Service Technician III      
Fleet Services Supervisor Building Maintenance Supervisor Rail Trainee  
  Building Maintenance Manager Rail Specialist I  
Airport Maintenance Trainee   Rail Specialist II  
Airport Maintenance Specialist I Water Specialist    
Airport Maintenance Specialist II Airport Fleet Specialist Truck Driver  
Airport Maintenance Specialist III   Maintenance Coordinator  
Line Cleaning Inspection Trainee Line Repair Construction Trainee Wastewater Treatment Crew Member I  
Line Cleaning & Inspection Crew Member Line Repair Construction Crew Member I Wastewater Treatment Crew Member II  
Line Cleaning Inspection Crew Leader I Line Repair Construction Crew Member II Wastewater Treatment Crew Member III  
Line Cleaning Inspection Crew Leader II Line Repair Construction Crew Leader Wastewater Maintenance Specialist  
Engineering Aide Planner I    
Engineer I Planner II    
Engineer II Planner III    
Engineer III      
Accountant I      
Accountant II      
Library Page I Library Support Clerk Assistant Branch Manager  
Library Page II Library Information Specialist Branch Manager  
Library Page Supervisor Library Database Technician    
  Web Content Developer Cataloger  
Library Youth Services Supervisor      
Library Youth Services Manager Library Collection Specialist Librarian  
  Library Collection Development Manager Coordinating Librarian  
Library Circulation Clerk      
Library Circulation Supervisor Library Bibliographic Services Manager MakerSpace Facilitator  
Library Circulation Manager Library Information Services Manager Library External Communication Manager    
Library Acquisitions and Processing Team Leader