Employee Policies & Procedures

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At Johnson County Government, we are committed to creating and fostering a positive and productive work environment for all employees. Our policy standards are in place to protect our employees, so expectations are clear. Each policy helps guide employees to do the right thing, for the right reason, for the public good.

Legal Notice: Johnson County Government establishes all Human Resources Policies and Procedures in its sole discretion. The Policies and Procedures do not create or imply a contract or an offer to enter into a contract regarding the terms and conditions of employment and do not change any employee’s status as an employee at will. See Policies 101 and 201 for more information.

400: Job Performance & Conduct

The 400 Series includes policy and procedures related to ethics, conduct, performance expectations, privacy expectations, use of county resources, solicitation, and political activity. It also outlines how our workplace is free of violence, tobacco, drugs and alcohol. Corrective actions are also explained.

500: Employee Benefits

The 500 Series includes health and welfare benefit options, retirement, educational benefits, leave options (such as vacation and sick), and holidays.