Employee Policies & Procedures

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At Johnson County Government, we are committed to creating and fostering a positive and productive work environment for all employees. Our policy standards are in place to protect our employees, so expectations are clear. Each policy is designed to help guide employees to do the right thing, for the right reason, for the public good.

LEGAL NOTICE:  Johnson County Government establishes all Human Resources Policies and Procedures in its sole discretion. The Policies and Procedures do not create or imply a contract or an offer to enter into a contract regarding the terms and conditions of employment and do not change any employee’s status as an employee at will. See Policies 101 and 201 for more information.

400: Job Performance & Conduct

The 400 Series includes policy and procedures related to ethics, conduct, performance expectations, privacy expectations, use of county resources, solicitation, and political activity. It also outlines how our workplace is free of violence, tobacco, drugs and alcohol. Corrective actions are also explained.

Policy 401: Ethics, Conduct, and Performance Expectations 

Procedure 401-1: General Ethics and Conduct Standards 

Procedure 401-2: Arrests, Convictions, and Other Law Enforcement Encounters 

Procedure 401-3: Attendance and Punctuality 

Procedure 401-4: Gambling 

Procedure 401-6: Personal Appearance  

Procedure 401-7: Personal Relationships with Employees 

Procedure 401-8: Personal Relationships with Clients and Others 

Policy 402: Privacy Expectations 

Procedure 402-1: Monitoring, Searches, Photographs, and Recordings 

Policy 403: Use of County Resources 

Procedure 403-1: Use of Vehicles for County Business 

Procedure 403-2: Use of Information Technology 

Procedure 403-3: Use of Social Media  

Policy 404: Solicitation and Distribution  

Procedure 404-1: Solicitation and Distribution Procedures 

Policy 405: Political Activity  

Procedure 405-1: Limitations on Political Activity 

Policy 406: Tobacco-Free and Vape-Free Workplace 

Procedure 406-1: Designated Tobacco and  Vaping Areas 

Policy 407: Drug-Free and Alcohol-Free Workplace 

Procedure 407-1: Drug and Alcohol Testing 

Procedure 407-2: CDL Driver Reports  

Procedure 407-3: Use of Legal Substances  

Procedure 407-4: Voluntary Admission of Substance Abuse 

Policy 408: Violence-Free Workplace 

Procedure 408-1: Violence-Free Workplace Procedures 

Policy 409: Weapons in the Workplace 

Procedure 409-1: Safety Procedures for Weapons in the Workplace  

Policy 410 Accountability for Performance and Conduct: Corrective Action 

Procedure 410-1: Corrective Action Procedures 

Policy 411: Administrative Leave of Absence  

Procedure 411-1: Administrative Leave Procedures  

Policy 412: Dispute Resolution 

Procedure 412-1: Dispute Resolution Process  

500: Employee Benefits

The 500 Series includes health and welfare benefit options, retirement, educational benefits, leave options (such as vacation and sick), and holidays.

Policy 501: Health and Welfare Benefit Options 

Procedure 501-1: Benefits Administration  

Procedure 501-2: Eligibility and Enrollment 

Procedure 501-3: Health-Dental-Vision Insurance  

Procedure 501-4: Wellness Program 

Procedure 501-5: Sick Disability Pay 

Procedure 501-6: Flexible Spending Accounts (Medical Reimbursement and Dependent Care) 

Procedure 501-7: Health Savings Account 

Procedure 501-8: Life Insurance 

Procedure 501-9: Employee Assistance Plan  

Policy 502: Retirement and State of Kansas Benefits 

Procedure 502-1: State of Kansas Pension  

Procedure 502-2: Deferred Compensation (457 Plan) 

Procedure 502-3: Supplemental Retirement (401(a) Plan) 

Policy 503: Educational Benefits 

Procedure 503-1: Educational Reimbursement Program 

Procedure 503-2: Student Loan Counseling Services 

Policy 504: Sick Leave  

Procedure 504-1: Sick Leave 

Policy 505: Vacation Leave 

Procedure 505-1: Vacation Leave  

Policy 506: Other Leave  

Procedure 506-1: Bereavement Leave 

Procedure 506-2: Caregiver Leave 

Procedure 506-3: Civic Leave  

Procedure 506-4: Family and Medical Leave Act 

Procedure 506-5: Military Leave 

Procedure 506-6: Parental Leave 

Procedure 506-7: Personal Unpaid Leave of Absence 

Procedure 506-8: Shared Leave 

Procedure 506-9: Victims of Domestic Violence and-or Sexual Abuse  

Policy 507: Fixed and Personal Paid Holidays 

Procedure 507-1: Fixed and Personal Holiday Guidelines  

Policy 508: Workers’ Compensation Benefits 

Procedure 508-1: Workers’ Compensation Benefits 

Policy 509: Taxable Fringe Benefits, Allowances, and Reimbursements 

Procedure 509-1: Use of County Vehicles 

Procedure 509-2: Car Allowances 

Procedure 509-3: Portable Communication Devices 

Procedure 509-4: Internet Services  

Policy 510: Employee Housing